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Ten things!

Ten things I have in common with my mom, whether we like it or not.

1. We both love Yahtzee.

2. We both become enraged at things completely out of our control. Like the weather! Yep, it’s raining. and now our day is ruined. Because we didn’t know it was going to rain. And we can’t stop it from raining. And it might rain on our heads.

3. We think everyone is out to get us. Someone isn’t paying attention and cuts us off while driving? They did it on purpose. Someone grabs that last can of soup at the grocery store? They grabbed it to spite us; they probably won’t even eat it.

4. We’ll eat through the pain. We love the taste of food so much that we’ll both keep eating well past the point of being full.

5. Highly opinionated but publicly shy. We can talk your ear off about a work issue or a town issue we feel strongly about. But come meeting time, when it’s time to put in our two cents to “make the office better,” or “hear from the people,” we clam right up. And then complain about it after, ahaha.

6. Stubborn. When we’re right, we’re right. And when we don’t want to do something, it doesn’t get done. End. Of. Story.

7. We both have blue eyes!

8. We both think exercise is exhausting and don’t understand why we don’t see any results after only one long walk. It was a very long walk!

9. We grind our teeth at night.

10.  We both have a problem with screens! T.V.’s on? We’re on the computer? Good luck trying to get us to pay attention to anything you say. Kerry and Patty are to screens as moths are to lights in the dark.

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