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Birthday Planning, Part 4

The party was a blast! We had pizza, sushi, fruit kebabs, vegan cupcakes (wanted to make sure our vegan family members could enjoy them, too), pasta salad, and of course Mountain Dew.


“Who wore it better?”

My brother, Joey does this thing where he finds a picture of something (usually a member of our family), collages it with another picture (something ridiculous) and exclaims, “Who wore it better?!” He comes up with these comparisons remarkably quickly, usually just minutes after seeing the first picture.

Panda and the Sultan from Aladdin:



Me and Jimmy Neutron:



Derek and Mario:



Our Mom’s disbelief (“I swear he has an app for that! No one is THAT clever!”) is right on scale with Dad’s absolute confidence in his abilities (“Joey is!”)

Our Mom and Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live as Garth:


Joey and Kim Kardashian:1517616_10152786226006023_8901908517697648835_nJoey turns 26 today (well, yesterday since he lives in Australia and is 14 hours or so ahead of us). Happy birthday, Joey! Thanks for always making me laugh!


Birthday Wish List


1. The Lego Movie Double Decker Couch play set! – I’ve been waiting for this set to appear at Wal-Mart, and now I drool on it every I’m in there.

2. Paper Towel Thing. I don’t actually care what it looks like, I just want one. I found this one on Amazon, but, like, a stick from a tree would be ok too.

3. Fred and Friends Moby Pick Party Picks– Whale that holds tooth picks? C’mon.

4. Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure – So cute!

5. Yes Please by Amy Poehler, paperback or hard cover.

6. Astro Queo A712– I thought a tablet would be helpful for craft fairs. Instead of figuring out orders and plugging in my Etsy or PayPal reader into my phone, I can just have the tablet prepped and ready to go.

I honestly think I’m super easy to shop for. I talk constantly about things I like and want, any craft project or craft supply is excellent, and then you have whales as a fall back. Because I will love anything with a whale on it. But since my brother doesn’t want to give me toys and my boyfriend keeps asking what I want, I thought this might be helpful. But if you come up with something else, guys, that’s totally cool too!

Birthday sale!

My birthday is coming up and to celebrate I’m having a 25% off sale in the shop! Use coupon code BIRTHDAY25 at checkout to save :)

birthday 25

My birthday is my favorite day of the year, and what better way to celebrate than to pass along some savings? Have a great weekend, everyone!

Hello, February!!

Let’s talk real quick about why February is my favorite month.

And by “talk,” I mean I’m going to make a quick list :)

Lots of birthdays (including mine and my brother’s!)

Shortest month (makes it the cutest)
Leap day

I guess that’s it. Aha.

While cleaning my room I came across the birthday card my brother gave me last year, and because it made me laugh so much (then and now) I’m going to share it with you.

Because I love Dr. Seuss!

“Kerry- As usual, no ‘birthday’ cards fit. But this one is SO CUTE!”

In high school, we decided that occasion-appropriate cards were no longer necessary. Cards are expensive, you’re lucky if you get one at all!

New tradition? Probably not.

While I was picking out some extravagant wrappings, I came across this card:

That’s exactly what Panda would look like if we let his hair grow out! EXACTLY!

Inside it says something like, “even when we both have bad hair days.” I sealed it up before I photographed it. Oops.

We have a running joke in our family that Mom and Panda have matching hair. Really curly, can be tamed, instantly springs back to curls the second it gets wet (which includes humid air), and neither of them like to go outside when it’s raining!

Obviously I couldn’t give this card to her, my hair looks great when it rains (no, it doesn’t). The card would absolutely have to come from Panda.

So this year, Panda got my Mom a card and a gift. Spoiler alert! It’s a crossword puzzle book. Which works out great because now they’ll be able to curl up together on the couch on the weekends and keep each other warm while Mom works on crossword puzzles and Panda naps.

Things my Mom taught me

that I more or less blatantly ignore :)

She taught me that extravagance is unnecessary. Not to be wasteful. That a small gesture can go a long way. Which is why on her birthday and Christmas (not usually Mother’s Day because I’m out of ideas and my brain’s still recouping) I try to wrap everything I get her in as much wrapping paper as I can fit around them. And I try to buy new wrapping paper every time!

This year I chose a green bag, because Mom’s favorite color is green. And because one of my favorite colors is lime green. And because we recycle bags like we have a gift bag recycling business so I might as well pick out something I like because I’ll probably get it back again, eventually.

I filled that bag with yellow!

But before it was yellow, it was multi-colored tissue paper! Oh, the extravagance!

I HAVE to be honest. There looks like a lot of gifts here but there really isn’t. I wrapped everything individually so it would look like more!

Who cares, anyway? This is my MOM! She’s always (sometimes, hahaha) really supportive, and she helps me a lot, she does a lot for me, I love her, and I don’t get her things very often (because she get’s mad when I “waste” my money). She DESERVES to have a nice birthday and get nice gifts!


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