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Whale tape dispenser DIY

I have a growing collection of whale things in my little room, but 1 thing I didn’t have and wanted was a whale tape dispenser. I looked around online and couldn’t find any. And by Googling “whale tape dispenser” you only get pictures of regular tape dispensers because NEWS FLASH almost every tape dispenser ever made looks  a little bit like a whale!

So I made my own. And by following these simple instructions, you can make one too! :)

You will need:

– 1 tape dispenser, any size/color
– blue spray paint
– painter’s tape or frog tape
– fine grain sand paper
– scissors
– newspaper, if you like to not ruin things
– craft paint, for adding little details (like eyes)

Let’s get started!

Cover your work area in newspaper. You can skip this step, but I basically destroy every surface I craft on and I didn’t want to ruin my parents’ picnic table.

Sand the surface of your boring tape dispenser. This will help the spray paint stick better. I accidentally used a medium gain sand paper so even after a few coats of paint you can still see some scratches. Oops. Wipe it down with a damp cloth and then dry it.

Use the painter’s tape to cover any spots you don’t want to get paint on them, like the cutter. I also covered the rubber stoppers on the bottom.


While I waited for the spray paint to dry, I got the craft paint together for the eyes. Then I did some other things because it was a longggggg 2 hours.

When the paint was dry (well, dry enough) I added the eyes!

And you’re done! The perfect edition to any home or office!


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