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When WordPress gives you the side eye

When you try to update your “About Page” but WordPress is all like:


And you realize that all of your saved draft posts are gone.

And all of your saved media is gone.

And you can’t access anything from your blog because everything seems to have been erased.


AND THEN you realize you weren’t actually logged in. Which explains most things, but doesn’t explain why you can click into things without it being like, “Hey! You need to log in to do that!”



Bugs on Flowers

Just as the title suggests, this is a collection of ants and small bugs just getting drunk off dandelion pollen.

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (6)

photo (7)

photo (8)

photo (9)


The Lost Doll

I think we can all agree that porcelain dolls are terrifying. But as a child, like a lot of little girls, I was mesmerized by them and collected them. Dolls you could accumulate but were too fragile to play with? Precious.

We moved when I was 6 and stayed with my Gram for a few weeks. My collection (small at the time) had to go into storage but I got to keep one with me. She wore a christening dress and I loved her most. Somehow, she got displaced when we moved into the new house (like a lot of our toys mysteriously did…) and I thought she was gone forever. And eventually I forgot about her.

Until one night when Gram was over for dinner and she said, “did you leave a doll at my house?”
“A doll? Like, recently…? I don’t think so… Or do you mean when we stayed with you?” Which was 2″ years ago, please keep in mind.
“Oh, I don’t know. I found a doll when I was cleaning and I could only think of you that it might belong to.”
“Uhm, I don’t think so, Gram.”
“I wonder who left a doll at my house.”
“Wait! Is it a porcelain doll? Wearing a long white dress? And she’s missing a finger?” I knocked her into something and she lost a finger.
“Yeah! Yeah, that’s the one! I don’t know about that finger though, I’d have to check it… But the rest is right!”
“The lost doll! I thought she was lost in the move! I loved that doll!”
“Should I bring it over or do you want me to just throw it away?”
“You can bring it here. Thank you!”

And here she is!

photo 1
So scary. I put her back in the bag gram brought her in, zipped that in a plastic blanket bag, and tucked her away. I couldn’t decide if I should keep her or toss her.

I had to toss her. She’s just too creepy. I don’t understand how I could ever have obsessed over this thing

Delivery Settings

I have this vision of myself prepping for the day in the morning. Hit snooze one time, roll over, and catch up on all my favorite blogs while I pry myself from sleep. Get my brain gears turning so I’ll be inspired while I get dressed and eat breakfast. Then I have the most productive day in history!

This. Never. Happens. I snooze for at least half an hour, eat breakfast closer to afternoon because I just forget, and I never start my day with blogs. In fact, there are few blogs I do read, and I can’t even do that regularly. I get wrapped up in this or that and then it’s the next day and I’m forgetting about breakfast again. It’s a vicious cycle.

I want to keep up with my favorite bloggers. And one of my favorite things about blogging on WordPress is the “Reader,” where all the blogs you follow are collected for you, with most recent posts on top. This idea is great, except it’s on a whole different page from my dashboard. And so, I forget about it. A few weeks ago I said, “No more!” I’m a terrible member of the blogging community and I’m embarrassed by this. So I went into the Reader and changed all the delivery settings to email, so new posts will go to the one page I ALWAYS have open- my email! Then I waited.

And waited.

And after 3 days I forgot. Completely. No email updates, forgot about the Reader, forgot that I was even expecting anything. The only blogs I semi-regularly read are the ones I follow on Facebook. And even that involves a lot of, “save this link for later.” On Monday I remembered again, and had to dig around in my settings.

Apparently, in the actual delivery settings page, I had selected, “block all emails from WordPress.” I probably did this 4 years ago when I first started blogging when being inundated with emails was overwhelming and the Reader was set up differently and easy for me to use/remember. So, I’ve updated that. And email subscribed to a few others. I’m still working out how to not lose them in the mess that is my inbox, but it’s a start.

How do you use Pinterest?

Some people use it to collect fashion / craft / food ideas. Some people have optimized it to promote their blogs and/or online shops. Some people use it as a tool for work. And some people just follow a lot of boards but don’t pin anything.

Pinterest came into my life years after I developed an elaborate Favorites Folder system running across the top of my browser screen. It took what I was already doing and made it so I could look at the links I’d collected. It was easier to rearrange things, give them order, and to know what I was looking at without having to click for a memory jog. Mostly, I liked that Pinterest gave my links pictures. But I’m also kind of private, and I didn’t like the idea of having all of my favorites broadcast for anyone to see before I was ready to share. I bookmarked WordPress and Blogger before deciding which to use as my blogging platform. I bookmarked Etsy before deciding to open my shop. I have a folder of the social media sites I have accounts with even thought I only actively use a handful.

And then Secret Boards were born, THANK GOODNESS. I use Pinterest mostly for the secret boards. Here’s a list of mine, and what I use them for. I know, I know. Why have a secret board and then tell everyone about it? In case you aren’t using secret boards, or you need some ideas.

“Gift Time”

This is my most important board. I pin gift ideas for people as I find them and use their name for the description. When a birthday or holiday comes up, I just have to scroll through the board to find a gift! I did my Christmas shopping in under an hour this year because I spent the year collecting ideas for everyone. It was magical.


Where I put all the cool things I find but I don’t want to take the time to put it in a folder yet because: I am lazy. Or I don’t want to spam the feed with a bunch of history pins. I’ll save organizing these pins for a time when I need to organize my thoughts. I don’t know why, but it works for me so I’ll keep doing it.

“Get Serious” 

Embarrassing blog help. I just pinned an article on how to reply to comments. Because I’m bad at it! But I’m also embarrassed by this, so it didn’t go in my public “Blog&Shop” board. But now I’m telling you about it, which negates the whole point!

“Wish List”

I started this one near my birthday to collect gift ideas for my boyfriend. It’s mostly just Lego sets now.

“DIY Ideas”

A collection of things I want to do. Sometimes I’ll find a tutorial and pin it but I try to put those in one of the other folders, like “Skirt and Dress Projects,” or “T-Shirt Ideas.” This is more for when I see something and  say, “Hey, I bet I could make that.” That’s how I started crafting when I was younger and it’s still the most inspiring way for me to create. A lot of the things in there right now I’ve found on ModCloth. There’s this lace trimmed sweatshirt I think I can make with an old sweatshirt and some lace/ribbon I already have, which will be way less than $50 ;)


Yep. You guessed it. Where I collect whale things from the Internet to use in Wednesday Whales Love. They’re ready for me when I’m ready for them.

If it wasn’t for secret boards, I would still have to use my favorites folders, especially for “Gift Time.” But one of the best things about Pinterest is it will save the picture for your pin even when the link is dead, so you don’t lose your idea.

How do you make Pinterest work for you?

Around the Apartment

Just a few pictures from around my apartment.

24license plate wall

14hallway of books

22jewelry display

01my work area


This is going to start a little sad but I promise it gets happy real quick.

In 2011, my Grandpa died. It rocked our entire family and I can honestly say that his absence is still a void, not just at holidays and birthdays but in every day life. He was not only my Mom’s father but one of her best friends. He was a staple at our diner table 5+ nights a week and always there for all of us, no matter what. He died just a couple of days before my Dad’s birthday (Dad lost his birthday in the shuffle), and a couple of weeks before Easter.

Unsure of how Mom would handle the first holiday without her father, it was probably good that Gram (Dad’s mom) was whisked away to Ohio that year to spend time with her late sister’s family. And then there was the issue of missing Dad’s birthday. And then there was, can we even handle a holiday where we don’t have to watch Grandpa chow down on a turkey neck? (Spoiler: NO ONE MISSES THAT).  It was decided that Easter would become Dad’s belated birthday party, and we’d make it as happy as possible.

And so, BazinEaster was born!


– It happens on Saturday so no one is hung over on Monday. This started last year because:


– Forget turkey or ham, we have tacos and nachos!



-Gram has been away every Easter since this started, which is great because she doesn’t like tacos or margaritas. But it also gives us a chance to re-interpret some family history.


– We listen to the same dozen classic rock songs / oldies and dance around the kitchen. This is us reenacting our childhood, singing and dancing in the back of the white van.


-Everything is heavily documented through Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat.

10172831_10202537851342095_343045192949139881_nPanda: “Is that a snack for meeeeeee?”

Untitled-6I honestly don’t remember the context of this. It was probably Gram-related.



Untitled-1Instead of changing it back, she just learned the new one.

10154535_10202538822246367_284226622331754852_nDrunk Horse Shoes! Because we aren’t bad enough when sober.

– We always run out of drinks and that’s probably a good thing.

– We all fall sleep in the late afternoon.

-And then we wake up and keep going!


We look forward to Easter like nothing else, and we talk about it all year long. And even though Joey and Derek are in Australia this year, I’m sure someone else will hack Mom’s Facebook and change her phone passcode.

How does your family celebrate Easter? Are there any holidays you put your own spin on?

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