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Photo an hour: blizzard status.

8 am, Assessed the snow situation. Nothing new on the ground yet.

8 am

9 am, Did some Valentines Day craft related shopping.

9 am

10 am, Hunted down a sleeping Panda.

10 am

11 am, Executive decision to rock my glasses today. Sometimes my eyes just need a break from contacts.

11 am

12 pm, Target trip with Mal. We found giant frogs!

12 pm

1 pm, Booze World trip with Mal. So many wines to choose from!

01 pm

2 pm, Snow assessment. It doesnt look like much, but there is also a big tree just out of view that blocks a lot of things from falling on the ground. Excpt pine needles, it helps with falling pine needles.

2 pm

3 pm, Conned Panda into wearing his rain slicker so he would match Dad!

3 pm

4 pm, Sewing and watching Netflix, and staying nice and toasty!

4 pm

5 pm, Checking out the news with my Dad. Yikes!

5 pm

6 pm, Grilled cheese and soup for dinner! We had to eat early because the lights were flickering and we didn’t want to be midway through cooking and have to abandon ship.

6 pm

Imma peace out. I’m afraid we’re going to lose power and I need to make sure I have all my flashlights on hand and with fresh batteries. Stay warm and safe in this crazy storm!


Photo an hour, my brother’s graduation

Yesterday my brother Joey graduated from Framingham State University! And we (me, Mom, Dad, our younger brother Bob) all went up to watch and celebrate!

8:30: Signing cards! I couldn’t find just the right card, so I got two. Yeah, that’s a birthday card.

9:30: Laying out my outfit.

10:30: Nachos, breakfast of champions!

11:30: While walking Panda before we left I spotted some bumble bees!

12:30: Driving up to Framingham I noticed a big scratch on my brother’s leg.
Me: “Bob, how’d you get that cut on your leg?”
Bob: “I was sad.”
Bob: “No, but seriously, I fell.”

1:30: The graduation ceremony finally started with a bag pipe procession.  Almost everyone stood to listen and try to see (which was impossible because EVERYONE was standing). We were ready for it to end.

2:30: Sharing some of my snacks with Bob.

3:30: After the graduation we all went to check out Joey’s new apartment! My Mom found several reasons why it was “under code.”

4:30: Dinner at Uno’s! The waitress brought free dessert :)

Nap happened. We lost a lot of time.

7:30: After the graduation I headed out to watch Game of Thrones with my friends Kevin and Claire.

8:30: I love this little donkey by their door. And he has a sign because Claire graduates this year, too!

Photo an hour, Leap Day

I’ve wanted to do a photo an hour day for a while but I work most days so it’s hard. But on Leap Day I worked on Martha’s Vineyard (an island off of Cape Cod). The office can get pretty slow sometimes so I thought this might be a good opportunity!

5:30, I set out my clothes the night before because I knew I wouldn’t have time to fiddle around in my closet like I usually do (working on the Island means I get up 2 hours early). I still ended up changing.

6:30, Going over the Bourne Bridge. I usually drive over the Sagamore Bridge (bridge twins) because my home office is further down Cape.

7:30, I take the Ferry over to the Island and like to get some reading in :)

8:30, The computer wouldn’t recognize my temporary log-in so I had to reboot 4 times.

9:30, I organized the money in the cash drawer and restocked stickers and paper clips.

10:30, A mid-morning snack and brain storming some blog posts in between customers.

11:30, Copying some forms.

12:30, We went to the post office, bank, and took a ride around Oak Bluffs during lunch!

1:30, It started to rain so I started keeping an eye on weather conditions. Once, when it was really windy, they shut down all the boats and I thought I was going to have to stay over. But then they (a handful of my supervisors)  booked me a flight on a tiny little plane. In 45 mph winds. The last plane to leave the Island before they deemed it, “too dangerous to fly.” It’s an experience I hope to never repeat.

2:30, Just snapping a picture of a sign that moments before a customer told me “didn’t exist.” No big deal.

3:30, Waiting for the Ferry. I usually take the 5 o’clock boat home but because we didn’t know what the weather was going to do, I was told to leave early! I tried to get a picture of the snow but I don’t know if you can see it.

4:45, Snow on my car!

And when I got home I had a grilled cheese. Yum!

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