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Weekend Away

We spent my birthday weekend in North Conway, New Hampshire and stayed at the Adventure Suites Hotel!

Last time we stayed here, we were in The Club room because we booked it like a week in advance and it was either that or the Wolf room. It was a cool room with a full sound system, light up dance floor, 8 person hot tub, two bathrooms, and a dance cage.

This time, we had a few more options and chose the smaller and cozier Wine Cellar. The bathroom looks like the inside of a wine barrel, the tub looks like one of those barrels for grape-squishing, and even the kitchen had barrels and wine-related decorations in it.


We had a cool view of the mountains out the back room, but it was freezing with a biting wind so we didn’t spend a lot of time outside.

Had a yummy birthday breakfast at Glen Junction! Lemme tell you, their train fries can’t be beat.

And then I stopped taking pictures! We hit up Mystery NH and did the Donner Diner escape room, caught the Lego Movie 2, and had dinner at the Muddy Moose. Our waitress gave us free cookies! Presumably because we were nice to her and the table next to us were basically monsters.


Fluff Friday 11

Just napping.

Our librarian, sleeping at her post.

This is not an invitation for a belly rub! This is a bear trap!

“What was that?”

“Please go away. I don’t want to be brushed.”


New Years in Ogunquit

We’ve been up to Ogunquit, Maine a couple of times in the late spring/ early summer and it’s beautiful. We love walking the beach and Marginal Way, the restaurants are amazing, and even though there are people everywhere we’re still able to relax. My in-laws have been known to spend New Years there and since this was the first time I wouldn’t have to work early on New Year’s Day, we decided to head up for a long weekend. Turns out, my in-laws had the same idea! And Norm’s aunts and a couple of cousins! It was a real party!

We stayed in this room and loved it. We had a great view of the water, could hear the ocean at night, and had a little fire which made it extra cozy.

view from our patio

We walked the beach on Sunday because Norm had to work on Monday and would be glued to his computer for most of the day. The idea was that we’d go together on Sunday, and then I’d walk it again on Monday with my mother-in-law and her sisters. But then I wore the wrong shoes and blistered my heels, so I stayed behind. They walked much further than we did so while I’m sorry I missed it, my heels were not.

from our room, I thought all this sea foam was seagulls

They had a lobster trap tree on the lawn and turned the lights on at night. Contrary to rumor, they did not use it as a bonfire on New Year’s Eve. Also, I started that rumor.

New Year’s Day was a little blustery but you can’t beat the whitecap waves!

It was definitely a great way to ring in 2019.

New Bookshelves

I have a lot of books and Norm has some books so together we have a lot of books. When I moved in with all my junk 3 years ago, we reassigned my bookshelves for board game, Lego, and craft supply storage. My books stayed in their boxes and eventually moved to under the basement stairs. And that’s where they stayed until a couple of months ago.

We had talked about bringing them out before but we didn’t know where to put them. There wasn’t a free wall in the living room, dining area, game room, guest room, or desk room (aka the office). We realized that the only room that we might be able to rearrange was our bedroom. So we thought, and we measured, and we imagined, we measured again, we did some googling, we measured again, and then we went for it.

We looked online at Ikea, knowing that would be the fasted way to start this project, but we started our physical search at a locally-made furniture store in Westminster. We figured we would be able to find beautiful, well-crafted shelves and support the local community at the same time. The pieces were beautiful, and we had the option of what wood and stains we wanted our shelves to have. They would be made right in town, and would only take 8-10 weeks to make! I was like, “Ok, perfect, sounds great!” But Norm was like, “8-10 WEEKS?”

So we left and went to Ikea. On a Sunday afternoon. And picked out three Billies. They were build and secured to the walls by Monday night, and we had all the books upstairs and organized by the end of the week. The natural light in our room is amazing and during the day it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

But night time is a different story. We have a couple of lights next to the bed but they aren’t bright and the shades restrict how far the light is thrown. So Norm ordered some light kits off Amazon, and had those fully installed 2 weeks later. He even mounted a wireless light switch for the shelves next to the regular light switch!

We still have some books scattered around the house, and we’ve slowly been collecting them and adding them to the new shelves. I love that my books are out for easy perusing again. And Norm loves that we have a place to add new books to.

2018 Adventures

June: Ogunquit with All the parents!

Yes, you read that correctly. We went away for the weekend with my parents and my husbands parents. We stayed for three nights, they each stayed two nights, and we had one night overlapping where we all hung out together. It was fun! Seriously, we had a lovely time.

plaque made by my talented father-in-law

view from our room

walking the beach

July: Metfern Cemetery

There is a cemetery sort-of hidden in the woods behind my husband’s great uncle’s house, and we look for it with my mother-in-law during the July 4th cookout. Last year, we just got lost in the woods. But this year, we found it! It’s a collection of numbered graves from residents of the Metropolitan State Hospital and the Fernald School. There’s actually been an ongoing project to give names to all the numbers, and you can read about it here.

view of the cemetery as we emerged from the woods

July: Winery

Sometimes we go to the winery with my cousin, Julie and our friend, Lily and they always want to take a picture and they always looks amazing and I always look like this:

I don’t know why I can’t look normal

August: Sullivan Sibling Summit

My mother-in-law has a million siblings (just kidding, she has 9 siblings) and this year they planned a reunion and it was AMAZING! As a family, we rented an entire hotel on this golf course in New Hampshire. My husband’s uncle showed us around an abandoned train station in the woods at night. We found a great fabric store just down the street. 10/10, would go again.

our room had this cool fire exit / back entrance

the whole family minus one cousin

August: Clark’s Trading Post

We popped in for a quick visit on the way home from the family reunion to relive growing up.

the bear was not amused

September: Cousin’s Wedding

My cousin got married! I don’t know why I didn’t take any pictures of her or with her, but I did take these other pictures so that’s what I have to share.

just some tree

Norm & Kerry: wedding dates for life

me & a different cousin, with guest appearances by: another cousin and my aunt!

October: Disney 2018

Because we went at the very end of October, we got to see and celebrate Halloween, enjoy Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, and saw the start of Christmas. We figured out that if I take a nap every afternoon, I don’t turn into a zombie at 8 pm. And we went on Soarin’ 4 times! Because the line was very short!

obligatory People Mover selfie

Candy corn ice cream!

I eat a lot of ice cream

found my sister-in-law

always making friends with the ducks

2018 had it’s trash moments, but we had some fun times. See you tomorrow, 2019!

It’s Christmas Time!

We don’t decorate for too many holidays because we’re lazy, but we DO decorate for Christmas. We got the best tree ever last year, and like adding to our Lego Winter Village. Everything is contained to the living room area and we don’t put lights up outside. We are 100% those people who would put outside lights up and then leave them out until next year.

Our tree is made by EverBlock and they have a lot of other cool furniture builds, too. It’s a little hard to hang ornaments on so we just hang them off the lights.  And in the off-season, we turn it into a cat tower!

Obviously, we have a Lego Advent Calendar. My friend gave us one last year as a wedding gift and we had so much fun with it. We incorporated that one into our village this year, and have the new one on a separate table near the front door.

It’s the Winter Village! We got the Fire Station and Winter Train sets as gifts this year and will probably build them this weekend. Maybe we should add a snow table covering for next year?

I did a ceramic tree painting with my cousins a few weeks back and am so excited to have my own ceramic tree. I have to glue that star in place, though.

I made special wrapping paper with all the family pets! This is my in-laws’ dog, Harold. He’s such a good boy.

I think my favorite holiday project this year was our matching Christmas Fluff sweatshirts! Fluff might not be impressed but I think they’re hilarious.

Do you decorate for the holidays? What are your favorite things to put up?

Fluff Friday 10

Fluff is all about neck scratches.

Just a cat puddle, filling up the sink (the water stayed off).

“It’s exhausting being me.”

The cutest little napper :D

Got Fluff this sweet sweater! I thought she would like it more because it has a wider neck than her other clothes. She hates it just as much!

Fluff asks us to open the slider for her (she likes to smell the air and listen for critters) but lately it’s been pretty cold and snowing. So on Tuesday, I let her investigate the snow situation. Surprise, surprise! She did not like it.

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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