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It’s Christmas Time!

We don’t decorate for too many holidays because we’re lazy, but we DO decorate for Christmas. We got the best tree ever last year, and like adding to our Lego Winter Village. Everything is contained to the living room area and we don’t put lights up outside. We are 100% those people who would put outside lights up and then leave them out until next year.

Our tree is made by EverBlock and they have a lot of other cool furniture builds, too. It’s a little hard to hang ornaments on so we just hang them off the lights.  And in the off-season, we turn it into a cat tower!

Obviously, we have a Lego Advent Calendar. My friend gave us one last year as a wedding gift and we had so much fun with it. We incorporated that one into our village this year, and have the new one on a separate table near the front door.

It’s the Winter Village! We got the Fire Station and Winter Train sets as gifts this year and will probably build them this weekend. Maybe we should add a snow table covering for next year?

I did a ceramic tree painting with my cousins a few weeks back and am so excited to have my own ceramic tree. I have to glue that star in place, though.

I made special wrapping paper with all the family pets! This is my in-laws’ dog, Harold. He’s such a good boy.

I think my favorite holiday project this year was our matching Christmas Fluff sweatshirts! Fluff might not be impressed but I think they’re hilarious.

Do you decorate for the holidays? What are your favorite things to put up?


Fluff Friday 10

Fluff is all about neck scratches.

Just a cat puddle, filling up the sink (the water stayed off).

“It’s exhausting being me.”

The cutest little napper :D

Got Fluff this sweet sweater! I thought she would like it more because it has a wider neck than her other clothes. She hates it just as much!

Fluff asks us to open the slider for her (she likes to smell the air and listen for critters) but lately it’s been pretty cold and snowing. So on Tuesday, I let her investigate the snow situation. Surprise, surprise! She did not like it.

Fluff Friday 09

Just stealing some hand warmers off the counter.

Fluff was VERY interested in these giant green beans.

We brought a Minnie key chain back from Disney and I stuffed some catnip in her head. After I staged about 100 pictures, all of which resulted in her pushing Minnie away, I gave up. But then she cuddled with it all on her own! She loves it!

Fluff tries cotton candy! She didn’t love it.

We got her this bed for her birthday. She hates it.

Just keeping an eye on Fall.

All packed and ready to help with a party! We were asked to bring a stapler, so Fluff is holding onto it.

Fluff Friday 08

Sleeping on the sewing machine cover, showing it who’s boss.

All ready for Halloween! We’ve got CleoCatra in the house!

Vulture cat, watching for chipmunks.

Time for a quick clean before a long nap.

“I asked for tea.”

That’s Fluff’s “I’m upset” squinty eye!

Fluff Friday 07

Just wearing a sewing machine cover!

Fluff is getting really good at blending in with the stairs.

Catris Queen over here.

Acting like she didn’t tip over that little alpaca.

“Where have you been. It’s past dinner time. How could you do this to me.”

Somekitty ate a bunch of catnip, pushed all the shopping bags off the counter, and made a little bag nest.

Fluff Friday #6

Got out the Halloween decoration this week!

Whatcha up to?

Keeping an eye on the Turkey situation.

Even when she naps, she’s ready to go!

Me: Look, I put the cat in a box! Take our picture!
Fluff: I hate you.

Big yawn!

This was just days after her first haircut. She was still very upset about it.

So comfy.

Fluff Friday #5

Clearly, the most comfortable way to lounge.

Is there a more perfect place to nap?

Fluff had an emergency bath last week! Complete with a modified shower cap to protect her ears.

Got her this little security sweatshirt. She loves it. She definitely doesn’t pretend that her legs don’t work when she wears it.

Just watching Star Trek as a family.

Checking out the first printing of Fluff fabric!

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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