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I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Not because I don’t like to and not because I can’t cook, but because I don’t have the attention span for it. My boyfriend made bagels a couple of weeks ago and it was a two day process. Two days?! By the time I realize I’m hungry I have about 15 minutes to eat something before I lose my cool completely or, even worse, go past the point of hunger (where I am so hungry it makes me sick). I mostly stick to boxed mac&cheese and frozen things I can heat up. I don’t have two days to waste on bagel making! I have the amount of time it takes to thaw a frozen bagel and pop it in the toaster. But this guy. Cooking is a passion.

The bagels were amazing, btw. Amazing.

So after reading a riveting BuzzFeed article about all these fancy kitchen things I need in my life (aka, none of those things. I just alluded to having a microwave and a toaster. I’m set) I decided to make a list of thing  my boyfriend needs for his super tricked out dream kitchen extraordinaire.

Fill your meat with marinade wile you make it tender? Seems like a “must have” to me!


He keeps talking about how much fun a fondue set would be. This one swivels!


To make the perfect home-made french fries! Plus, I think we’d be motivated to use up our potatoes before they start budding.


No kitchen is complete without a state of the art food processing system.


The Kitchen Aid pasta-attachments set!


And while we’re collecting more gadgets than can even fit in our kitchen, we might as well add in this micro brewery.


Do you have or want anything cool in your kitchen?


Quick and easy mini pie- YUM!

The only pie I like is chocolate. A crime against pie, I know. I just can’t get into those mushy fruits, though. And while I can eat an entire chocolate cream pie in one sitting, I’ve learned (through several experiences) that I should not do this. But it’s not like they sell single-serving pies on the street corner. I do what I usually do when I can’t find something I want- I make my own.

You will need:

photo 02

– mini graham cracker ready crusts
– pudding cup
– whipped topping
– sprinkles and stuff, as desired

Let’s get started!

1) Take a mini pie crust out of the package.

photo 07

2) Empty pudding cup into pie crust.

photo 13

3) Cover with whipped topping.

photo 18

4) Add pizzazz as desired.

photo 24

5) Om nom nom!

(So I actually got too wrapped up in eating it to remember to take a picture of this part…)

The perfect little snack!

WWA: Bacon & Chicken wraps

I found this recipe on Pinterest and knew I had to try it because it combines (basically) the only meats I eat: chicken and bacon!

photo (8)

– 4 chicken breasts, cut into thirds (we bought the trimmed and cut pieces which come with about 12 pieces in the package, because I’m lazy and didn’t want to cut it up, aha)
– 1 package of bacon
– garlic powder
– chili powder
– paprika
– brown sugar
– salt and pepper
– cooking spray


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and lightly spray an oven-safe dish with the cooking spray. Set aside.

We started by rinsing and tenderizing the meat.

photo (7)

While Ryan worked the chicken, I made two bowls of spice mixes. They both had garlic powder, salt, and pepper, but one had chili powder and the other had paprika (because I’m not a huge fan of spicy things). I didn’t measure, I just sort of kept adding stuff until it looked like there would be enough to cover the chicken.

photo (6)

We covered both sides of the chicken in seasonings:

photo (5)

Folded the pieces in half and wrapped them in bacon:

photo (4)

Rolled them in brown sugar and placed them in a the oven-safe dish.

photo (3)

We cooked them for about 35 minutes. I was afraid the chicken would dry out but I also wanted the bacon to get crispy. During cooking, we periodically removed some of the bacon grease, and we turned the chicken wraps about half way through.

photo (1)

And here we go!


Ryan is all about presentation (see above), while I just threw a few on a plate and picked them apart (not pictured) aha.

The chicken did get a little drier than we would have liked, but it was still delicious! Next time we’re going to use thicker pieces of  meat.

Diary of a Recipe Addict has a ton of other great recipes, so if you’re looking for something new to try you should definitely check it out!

What we ate: baked mac&cheese

I decided it was high time for Ryan and I to try to cook something together. I needed to know if we could work together in the kitchen, and see if I could get away with taking pictures of him because, “it’s for my blog!” We compromised and you’ll see his hands in about half the pictures, ahaha.

We made baked mac&cheese, his recipe (that he thought up while we were at the grocery store).


– 1 box pasta
– 1 jar Newman’s Own mild cheese sauce
– shredded cheese
– bread crumbs
– bread (for a side!)


Cook that pasta. Don’t cook it all the way though because you’re going to stick it in the oven and it will cook more!!

While the pasta is cooking, get your bread crumbs ready. We didn’t have any so we crushed up some croutons instead.

This was basically my only job so I took it very seriously.

Drain the pasta and mix it with the entire container of cheese. At this point you might be thinking to yourself, “Why continue? This is delicious just the way it is! A slight spice, the occasional pepper chunk. Mm, mm good.” You can stop now if you want, but you’ll be wasting all those croutons.

Layer it in a dish with the crouton crumbs.

And top with shredded cheese!

We were going to bake it at 375 for a while, but then we realized it might get dried out.

So we set it to broil to crisp up the top.

Looks good, right?

Serve with those rolls I listed in the original ingredients. Because what could go better with carbs than more carbs!

We accidently dried the cheese out trying to bake it, but it still turned out pretty amazing. And we had fun!

What we ate: blue cupcakes!

We had a baby shower at work on Friday and I brought blue cupcakes! I made them the same way I made the rainbow layered cupcakes, except instead of dividing the batter into different bowls I just added more food coloring after each layer.

I was going for a gradient effect, which I got, but I  would have liked it better if I made the layers thinner. There would have been room for them to go from super light to really, really dark!

But they were still a big hit at the party! Every one got eaten!

Have you made any fun snacks lately?

What we ate, pizza with friends!

On Sunday nights, I get together with some friends to watch Game of Thrones (although we’ll have to find something new to watch now since the season finale was Sunday).  And usually, we eat! This past Sunday, we styled our own pizzas.

We each made our own mini pizza and then combined efforts to make a big one. Which, naturally, everyone was too full to eat. I’ll spare you the ingredients and just share the results.

Claire made a white-sauce pizza with bacon and broccoli:

Kevin put a lot of corn and cheese on his:

Jordan put everything on his:

I tried pickles on mine. I wasn’t sure if I would like it so I only put them on one side. And I liked them!

For our group pizza, we sectioned the crust up with food coloring and each took a quarter. Here’s pre-cooked, where you can see more of the ingredients:

And after it was cooked:

We all know that pizza is one of my favorite foods, but this pizza was especially good because we had so much fun making it! We wore fun aprons and passed judgement on each other’s choices. Livin’ the good life, pizza stylin’ style.

What we ate: grilled cheese!

I love grilled cheese almost as much as I love mac&cheese and pizza (aka a lot). I’ll make one and it will be so delicious that I’ll have another right after. Then repeat the next day. Repeat, repeat, repeat, run out of bread, pick a new food.

This is how I make THE BEST grilled cheese!


2 slices Panera sour dough bread
2 slices Velveeta cheese (or, you know, you could use real cheese)
Bacon bits, optional


Pre-heat your favorite grilled cheese pan.

Butter bread.

Add cheese.

Sprinkle with bacon!

More cheese!


Obviously you didn’t need me to walk you through making a grilled cheese, ahaha.

We also put pepperoni in some, and used different cheeses. A lot of people think grilled cheese is boring but just like everything else in life: it’s what you make of it :)

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