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Recent Projects

Another diaper bag project. This one I left open and gave it a couple of snaps to hold is closed. It makes the construction a little easier, but I have some new ideas for adding zippers to large bags in the future ;)


More chia heads!


Stuffed whale for my friend’s boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend’s baby :)


Bag for my Mom! It has an extra long strap (a comfortable 64 inches) to accommodate her orangutan arms (her mother’s words, not mine). I always worry when I make her something that she won’t like the print. And she has one of those faces where she can’t really hide her disappointment. But I think she really likes this one! I made a matching makeup bag and clutch to go with it.

LONG strap

Extra long knitting needle pouch. This is the third request I’ve had for one of these, so maybe I should start carrying them in the shop..?


And I still have an essential oil bag project and a fanny pack to work on!

What have you been making lately?


Shout out to Hey Emily Thomas!

I was first introduced to Emily a couple of years ago when she won a giveaway I was sponsoring on The Waiting. She had a blog about parenthood and even though I’m not a parent, her writing had a flow that drew me in. When she opened a shop an Etsy for her one-of-a-kind wall art, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for a reason to order one. When I found out my college roommate was having a baby, I knew my chance had come! So I ordered:

Boy: A Noise with Dirt on It

photo 2 (1)

Beautiful, right? I know, I know. You want one. But let’s talk about the craftsmanship.

photo 5

It’s amazing! It’s a mixed-media piece and it’s seamless.

Her communication as an Etsy seller is superb. Superb! Almost everything in her shop is made to order, so you pay and then work out the details. I try not to ask too many questions ahead of time, if any, when I know this is how a shop works because usually the price takes into account correspondence time. But the baby room is nautical themed, so I first asked if she had a lot of blues that she could use. She responded very quickly, and I placed my order immediately after. Emily let me know that she had a couple orders ahead of me, and then followed up when she was working on it to ask if there was anything special I might want featured. So perfect!

Emily let me know when it shipped out both in a message and a shipping notification. This is where I would include a hearts-for-eyes emoji.

Check out her Etsy Shop
Follow her on Facebook and Instagram
Read her Blog 

Do it!

Recent projects

A prototype art supplies bag for my boyfriend’s aunt:


Special orders for a super sweet woman my mom works with!



photo 1

A birthday gift for my Dad. It glows in the dark. And includes Pluto. Science may have downgraded it but if my Dad learned it was a planet in school and I learned it was a planet in school then it will go on any planet shirt I make.

photo 3

Another birthday gift for Dad! They’re just tactics and Excedrin Migraine.


And Gloria got her first hair cut. (Also, I named my chia head “Gloria.”)

photo (2)


What are some of your recent projects?

Making Magnets

I have a friend who loves sugar skulls, so when I saw these buttons I knew she had to have them. But would she have a use for them? Or would she horde them for a special occasion, as I would do? I like giving functional gifts so I decided to turn them into magnets.


I started with the buttons, some pliers, glue, and magnets.


These are my favorite magnets to craft with because they are strong and polished and they don’t leave a residue. I’ve found that the black ones you find at most crafts stores can leave marks if they stay in one spot for too long- no thanks! They’re more expensive but totally worth it.

I started by cutting the button holes off the back.


They were a little bumpy and I probably could have sanded them down smooth if I wanted to but I knew they would come out pretty flat with some glue underneath them.

I added a dollop of glue:


And places the magnet over it:


Uhm, SO EASY! I separated them to dry, giving them each their own corner of the paper to sit on. I’ve had too many instances where they were too close and snapped together, which is kind of messy and annoying. I let them dry over night before testing them on my own fridge :)



A super easy and fun project for almost anyone! Happy crafting :)

Easy Easter Decorations

Easter is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you probably 1) haven’t decorated your house yet because 2) you have no decorations. Here are some easy projects you can do to make your home festive without breaking the bank. Plus, crafty!

DIY pom pom bunnies can hide on shelves or in corners and brighten a room without overwhelming it.


These herb-stenciled eggs are a great idea. Think about other materials you can use for the stenciling!


Bunny pillows! Super cute and so friendly. I think I would make one on the larger side and keep it as a permanent couch buddy.


Entertaining children this year? After the egg hunt is over, have them decorate their own Egg Puppets like these ones from Oriental Trading. I’m not saying you should buy these, but I’m also not saying you should find a similar picture on the Internet and print it on card stock (which is way less expensive).

Egg Puppets(source)

These egg people are super cute and a lot neater than traditional egg coloring. I would personally skip their little outfits and leave them in the egg carton. Why? To surprise anyone reaching for an egg, of course!


Decorate your table with this simple Peeps-inspired centerpiece.  I might replace the flowers with a candle but I’m not sure of the Peeps would puff up.


Come across any other cute Easter decorating ideas? Let me know in the comments section!

Make your own “Chia” Head

This is one of my ALL TIME favorite projects! It’s super easy and fun for all ages. Are you a teacher? Make them in class! Are you an RA? Make them for a program!



– soil
– grass seed
– nylon
– hot glue gun
– googly eyes
– fabric or puff paint

Let’s get started!

1) If your nylon is part of a tights set, cut off one leg to use. If it’s a knee high, just grab one. You don’t have to worry about it being too long right now because you can bunch up the excess to get to the toe of it.


2) Sprinkle some grass seeds in bottom.  I used about a tablespoon.


3) Fill it with dirt. I found that sticking the toe inside a beer glass and puling the excess around the glass helped hold it open while I poured in the dirt. Doing the project with a friend is also helpful, because they an hold it open for you. Find what works best for you!


4) Shape it! Do you want a cone head or something close to a tennis ball?


5) Pull the nylon as tight as you can around the dirt and tie off the end.



And snip the extra. This part will be on the bottom of the head, and once it’s resting in a bowl you won’t be able to see it.



6) Use hot glue to attach the eyes. Hot glue is ideal because it doesn’t take long to dry and it water resistant.


7) Use your puff paint to give it a mouth.


8) After the mouth has dried, soak the head in water for a few minutes. It might try to float to the top, so hold it under.


9) Place your new friend in a sunny area and keep the soil moist.


It took about a week and a half for mine to sprout, but now his hair is growing like a weed!

photo 2

These are so fun because they are so easy to personalize. Give it different sized eyes, freckles, a crazy mouth, a beard; the creative possibilities are nearly endless!

I hope this was easy to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! And if you decide to make some of your own, please share them with me!

Recent Projects

I embossed a few bags with flower designs. It’s kind of a tedious process so I don’t know if I’ll make too many like this. But I do like how they came out!


A pop-up card for my friend’s younger brother:


Special order for Carolyn of Sweet Carolyn’s:


Accidental stained-glass cookie. Somehow the big sprinkles liquefied and sunk into the dough while it cooked. I definitely want to make a whole batch of these little pretties.


What have you been working on lately?

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