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From the Winter

In early March, we explored a local park and walked across a frozen pond! It’s almost hard to believe, since we’ve already had a week of 80+ degree weather. I feel like we skipped right over spring and into summer. Here are some pictures from our adventure- in case you need to remember the days when you weren’t sweating yourself to sleep at night.













Last weekend, my boyfriend took me to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, aka VINS. Or the Bird Store, as he calls it. Or the Bird Zoo, as I call it! It’s part nature trails and part bird sanctuary located in Quechee, VT. We picked a great day because there was only a couple other people visiting when we did. And the birds! The birds are amazing!

Some of the birds are visiting, meaning they were found injured and are staying until they are healed enough to return to the wild. Other birds are permanent residents because they are either too injured to survive on their own or have been in captivity so long that they can no longer take care of themselves.











We saw Bald Eagles, several different kinds of Hawks, Snowy, Barred, Great Gray, and Great Horned Owls, Ravens, Turkey Vultures, and a Peregrine Falcon! And we got to measure our wing spans:



We’re definitely going back!

Oh, and here are the Bald Eagles talking :)


Montshire Museum

A few weeks back, my boyfriend took me to the Montshire Museum in Norwich, VT. It’s basically a children’s museum, so most things were hands on and therefore perfect for me! Here are some pictures from our trip:

IMG_2767I have a very cold nose.



IMG_2780Anyone wanted to stand in a giant bubble?



IMG_2789We learned how frogs see. Amazing!





IMG_2819My boyfriend made some new friends at the ant exhibit.


IMG_2838I solved the puzzle! I love puzzles.


I can’t wait until the summer so we can go again- there’s a whole outside area to explore!

Shopping Adventures

Generally when I shop, I’m a neat and conscientious shopper. If I change my mind, I like to put the item back where I got it or wait until I get to the register and hand it to the cashier. I don’t disrupt displays and sometimes I’ve been known to block shelves while I browse (for you non-retail workers out there, that’s where you pull all the things forward to make it look neat).

But all bets are off when I’m with one of my very dearest friends. While I don’t usually help her, I am the designated photographer. Here are some simple rules we follow to maximize our shopping experience together:

1) Touch everything. I do this anyway, but it’s more fun with my friend. How do you know what something feels like if you don’t touch it? How do you compare textures? It’s totally ok to rub things on your face. Or each other’s faces. And while almost every one else shirks away, she is always ready to have her nose pinched with tongs or grabbers.

2) Displays should also convey the use of an item. How can you possibly imagine what these pig candle holders are for if they aren’t holding candles?


My friend sang “everybody gets a candle!” as she gave everyone a candle. She does a lot of singing.

3) Also, all candles are for smelling. Especially the gross ones. Then have your friend smell it. Then talk about how gross it is!

4) Take pictures with everything you love.

Friend: “Oooooh what is this?”
Me: “A dish? A turtle dish? To hide things in!”
Friend: “Where would you put it?”
Me: “On the turtle shelf.”
Friend: “What would you put in it?”
Me: “All the smaller turtles I’ll have to move out of the way to make room for this turtle dish. It’s a small shelf. Plus: what’s in the dish? Surprise! More turtles!”
Friend: “Let’s take a picture with it!”


She has a whole collection of herself sitting in tiny chairs :D

5) Giant letters are for making giant words.



6) Everything needs a pattern. If it doesn’t have one, feel free to give it one.


7) All glitter is for touching. Even if you hate glitter (like I do!). Find it. Touch it. Share it.

What are some things you do when you’re out shopping?

Iceberg Hunting

I grew up in a beach town so I sort of consider myself a beach babe. Not because I think I look tight hanging around on the shore in a swim suite in the height of summer, but because I grew up near the water and am drawn to it. The smell of the sea air, the feeling of salt water drying on my skin. At 27, I still enjoy playing in the waves and exploring the shore. But let me tell you, one beach babe to another, the best time to explore is in the winter. I think beach babe qualification also include a year-round love of the beach, not just in the summer when the sun is bright and warm. My favorite beach time is off-season. Only a few other explorers and no tourists to be seen.

This was my first winter away from the ocean and I felt it. Winter is hard for me anyway; less sunlight, too cold to even want to go outside, and I’m more reclusive than in the summer. But knowing that to get to a beach I would have to travel 3+ hours? Brutal! How could I too for winter critter prints? What was uncovered by the lower shore line? Did the ice do anything funny this year? And then I find out there were ICE BERGS on the National Sea Shore?! And I missed it? COME ON!

I was visiting home (Massachusetts) over the weekend and on the way to getting breakfast with some friends, we decided to stop at Old Silver Beach and see if there were any ice begs to be seen.

There were not. But there were some considerably sized ice chunks floating around and a fresh coat of snow to make it beautiful.

photo 5

photo 3


The tide was unusually high, almost up to the stairs! Can you even imagine umbrellas and towels instead of snow littering the ground? Or scores of children splashing in the water?

photo 2


Was it disappointing? Not at all.  I wish I could have walked among the ice bergs, but just breathing the ocean air was amazing.

Hood Museum of Art

Last week, I visited the Hood Museum of Art with a friend. We sort of came upon it by accident- we were wandering around Hanover when he remembered there was a museum around… somewhere. After several failed attempts of entering academic buildings and walking around aimlessly, we saw the sign; away from the street, out of the way, under a bridge. They hide it. They hide the museum.

Some of the pieces were under glass, a few had “do not touch” signs, but no where did it say you couldn’t take pictures. “Amazing!” I thought, as I pulled out my phone (flash off) and started capturing anything that looked neat. I should also confess that I touched a BUNCH of stuff that didn’t have a “do not touch” sign. Because I’m that person.

photo 4Relief from Northwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud (I did not touch this)

photo 2Spirit figure

photo 1 (4)Sewing awl with bone guard

photo 3 (1)The First Thaw

photo 1 (1)Mr. Hulings’ Rack Picture. This one fooled me. I thought it was a letter collection on a board. Nope! It’s a panting!

photo 3 (2)Picasso!

photo 3Mihrab Panel, about 1604 (I touched this)

photo 1 (2)Circa 500 BC

photo 2 (3)Vase circa 504 BC

photo 4 (3)Fishing-Net Needles or Shuttles, circa 100 AD

As I was clicking away at these ancient fishing-net needles, the little man from the front desk appeared beside me. “Uhm, please, no, you cannot do that in here,” he said.
“Oh gosh, sorry! I had no idea!” I said, and stuffed my phone back in my pocket. I wasn’t even pretending, I thought I could take pictures. The best part was when he pretended not to stalk me for the rest of our visit.

After we left, my friend said it’s an understood thing that you aren’t supposed to take pictures in a museum. And then, then I see this!


Encouraging the public to take pictures IN the museum. Real cool, Hood Museum. Real cool.

From the Summer

Over the summer, a couple of my favorite Massachusetts citizens made the trek to The Green Mountain State to spend the day with me! One of the best parts about my friendship with Mallory and Mike is that we could be doing next to nothing and we’d still be laughing and having a great time. While they were up, we decided to hit the Path of Life Sculpture Garden.

The Path of Life Sculpture Garden can best be described as a walk-around series of art installations. The perfect, hands on fun for earthy Mallory! We got lost in the maze, picked our favorite giant heads, meditated, pondered the despair of the Tree of Wisdom, and rolled down a couple of hills.

photo (1)Meditating… ish.

photo (2)Pretending to be attacked by sharks

photo (3)My favorite face! It looks so kind.

imageContemplating the Tree of Wisdom.

Mallory, the master of log-rolling.

I, however, am not so graceful… And I WISH we had a video of it, but you’ll have to settle for this picture series instead.



03This is when I realized I was in trouble.


05I desperately tried to right myself…

06But only made it worse.



And then, because Mallory was laughing so hard, she dropped her phone.

Winter is not my friend. My bones ache in the cold, my hands dry out and crack, and I never seem to be able to get enough layers on. I can hardly wait for the warm weather to come back, to wear shorts and dresses or even a t-shirt and not feel like I’m sentencing myself to a slow, cold death. Summer adventures! I’m ready for you!

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