Little Gert Collection

It’s here! It’s here! The Little Gert collection is here!

Little Gert is my Gram, Gertrude and she actually hates being called, “Gert” (Gertie is ok). But when I saw singing about her breaking her hip one day, Gertrude was not rhyming with “hurt” so here we are.

Anyway, more on this gem of a woman. Born in 1926, she is older than packaged sliced bread. And she was born on the kitchen table because 1926 / hospital in town didn’t exist yet. She worked for the telephone company during WWII and was sent to California to help with the war effort. She has so many amazing war stories and she loves sharing them! JUST KIDDING. She has one single story and this is it:

“One time, we went out on the ferry and it was, oh! Just wonderful!”

In the early 90s when the telephone company was revamping their computer system, they asked if she wanted to take one of the old computers home. And she said (this is not a joke), “No thanks, those will never catch on!”

One time, she was on the phone with my dad and said, “Oh my goodness, you will not believe- the biggest bird I have ever seen has just flown into my yard. I, I can’t believe this. I have to go.” And then she called back to say that it was a trash bag.

In all seriousness, my Gram is fierce AF. Even though she broke both of her hips in the last year and had to move into a nursing home, she is still smiling, still happy, and still “accidentally” forgetting to use her walker (hence the second broken hip). She sits at the popular table at dinner, and stops to talk to every.single.person. when she’s walking the halls.

These pouches are based off of the birthday card I made her this year. I made a couple of different sizes, with a couple of different zipper/inside fabric combinations, and I have plans to add 3 more sizes in the near future.

And just until Friday, they are 10% in the shop! Find them here:


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