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New Bookshelves

I have a lot of books and Norm has some books so together we have a lot of books. When I moved in with all my junk 3 years ago, we reassigned my bookshelves for board game, Lego, and craft supply storage. My books stayed in their boxes and eventually moved to under the basement stairs. And that’s where they stayed until a couple of months ago.

We had talked about bringing them out before but we didn’t know where to put them. There wasn’t a free wall in the living room, dining area, game room, guest room, or desk room (aka the office). We realized that the only room that we might be able to rearrange was our bedroom. So we thought, and we measured, and we imagined, we measured again, we did some googling, we measured again, and then we went for it.

We looked online at Ikea, knowing that would be the fasted way to start this project, but we started our physical search at a locally-made furniture store in Westminster. We figured we would be able to find beautiful, well-crafted shelves and support the local community at the same time. The pieces were beautiful, and we had the option of what wood and stains we wanted our shelves to have. They would be made right in town, and would only take 8-10 weeks to make! I was like, “Ok, perfect, sounds great!” But Norm was like, “8-10 WEEKS?”

So we left and went to Ikea. On a Sunday afternoon. And picked out three Billies. They were build and secured to the walls by Monday night, and we had all the books upstairs and organized by the end of the week. The natural light in our room is amazing and during the day it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

But night time is a different story. We have a couple of lights next to the bed but they aren’t bright and the shades restrict how far the light is thrown. So Norm ordered some light kits off Amazon, and had those fully installed 2 weeks later. He even mounted a wireless light switch for the shelves next to the regular light switch!

We still have some books scattered around the house, and we’ve slowly been collecting them and adding them to the new shelves. I love that my books are out for easy perusing again. And Norm loves that we have a place to add new books to.


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