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The Lost Doll

I think we can all agree that porcelain dolls are terrifying. But as a child, like a lot of little girls, I was mesmerized by them and collected them. Dolls you could accumulate but were too fragile to play with? Precious.

We moved when I was 6 and stayed with my Gram for a few weeks. My collection (small at the time) had to go into storage but I got to keep one with me. She wore a christening dress and I loved her most. Somehow, she got displaced when we moved into the new house (like a lot of our toys mysteriously did…) and I thought she was gone forever. And eventually I forgot about her.

Until one night when Gram was over for dinner and she said, “did you leave a doll at my house?”
“A doll? Like, recently…? I don’t think so… Or do you mean when we stayed with you?” Which was 2″ years ago, please keep in mind.
“Oh, I don’t know. I found a doll when I was cleaning and I could only think of you that it might belong to.”
“Uhm, I don’t think so, Gram.”
“I wonder who left a doll at my house.”
“Wait! Is it a porcelain doll? Wearing a long white dress? And she’s missing a finger?” I knocked her into something and she lost a finger.
“Yeah! Yeah, that’s the one! I don’t know about that finger though, I’d have to check it… But the rest is right!”
“The lost doll! I thought she was lost in the move! I loved that doll!”
“Should I bring it over or do you want me to just throw it away?”
“You can bring it here. Thank you!”

And here she is!

photo 1
So scary. I put her back in the bag gram brought her in, zipped that in a plastic blanket bag, and tucked her away. I couldn’t decide if I should keep her or toss her.

I had to toss her. She’s just too creepy. I don’t understand how I could ever have obsessed over this thing

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