Delivery Settings

I have this vision of myself prepping for the day in the morning. Hit snooze one time, roll over, and catch up on all my favorite blogs while I pry myself from sleep. Get my brain gears turning so I’ll be inspired while I get dressed and eat breakfast. Then I have the most productive day in history!

This. Never. Happens. I snooze for at least half an hour, eat breakfast closer to afternoon because I just forget, and I never start my day with blogs. In fact, there are few blogs I do read, and I can’t even do that regularly. I get wrapped up in this or that and then it’s the next day and I’m forgetting about breakfast again. It’s a vicious cycle.

I want to keep up with my favorite bloggers. And one of my favorite things about blogging on WordPress is the “Reader,” where all the blogs you follow are collected for you, with most recent posts on top. This idea is great, except it’s on a whole different page from my dashboard. And so, I forget about it. A few weeks ago I said, “No more!” I’m a terrible member of the blogging community and I’m embarrassed by this. So I went into the Reader and changed all the delivery settings to email, so new posts will go to the one page I ALWAYS have open- my email! Then I waited.

And waited.

And after 3 days I forgot. Completely. No email updates, forgot about the Reader, forgot that I was even expecting anything. The only blogs I semi-regularly read are the ones I follow on Facebook. And even that involves a lot of, “save this link for later.” On Monday I remembered again, and had to dig around in my settings.

Apparently, in the actual delivery settings page, I had selected, “block all emails from WordPress.” I probably did this 4 years ago when I first started blogging when being inundated with emails was overwhelming and the Reader was set up differently and easy for me to use/remember. So, I’ve updated that. And email subscribed to a few others. I’m still working out how to not lose them in the mess that is my inbox, but it’s a start.

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