Glass Jar Upcycle

A while ago, I shared a collection of Upcycled Glass Jar projects I made to inspire me to re-use my (now massive) collection of glass jars. Today, I’m going to share the process I took in turning a nacho cheese jar into a decorative candle holder.




– a jar
– clear drying glue
– a bowl full of beads

Let’s get started!

1) Cover a swatch of the jar with glue.


2) Dip the glue patch into your beads. I actually scooped up a handful and pressed the jar into my hand because I was afraid of getting glue on my bowl.


3) Repeat this process all the way around, and allow to dry.


Once the glue is dry, plop a candle in there and light it up. It makes for a great littleĀ center piece!


Now, I have to tell you. The glue I used was not quick dry. The beads actually slid down and I had to re-bead the top section of the jar.






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