This is going to start a little sad but I promise it gets happy real quick.

In 2011, my Grandpa died. It rocked our entire family and I can honestly say that his absence is still a void, not just at holidays and birthdays but in every day life. He was not only my Mom’s father but one of her best friends. He was a staple at our diner table 5+ nights a week and always there for all of us, no matter what. He died just a couple of days before my Dad’s birthday (Dad lost his birthday in the shuffle), and a couple of weeks before Easter.

Unsure of how Mom would handle the first holiday without her father, it was probably good that Gram (Dad’s mom) was whisked away to Ohio that year to spend time with her late sister’s family. And then there was the issue of missing Dad’s birthday. And then there was, can we even handle a holiday where we don’t have to watch Grandpa chow down on a turkey neck? (Spoiler: NO ONE MISSES THAT).  It was decided that Easter would become Dad’s belated birthday party, and we’d make it as happy as possible.

And so, BazinEaster was born!


– It happens on Saturday so no one is hung over on Monday. This started last year because:


– Forget turkey or ham, we have tacos and nachos!



-Gram has been away every Easter since this started, which is great because she doesn’t like tacos or margaritas. But it also gives us a chance to re-interpret some family history.


– We listen to the same dozen classic rock songs / oldies and dance around the kitchen. This is us reenacting our childhood, singing and dancing in the back of the white van.


-Everything is heavily documented through Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat.

10172831_10202537851342095_343045192949139881_nPanda: “Is that a snack for meeeeeee?”

Untitled-6I honestly don’t remember the context of this. It was probably Gram-related.



Untitled-1Instead of changing it back, she just learned the new one.

10154535_10202538822246367_284226622331754852_nDrunk Horse Shoes! Because we aren’t bad enough when sober.

– We always run out of drinks and that’s probably a good thing.

– We all fall sleep in the late afternoon.

-And then we wake up and keep going!


We look forward to Easter like nothing else, and we talk about it all year long. And even though Joey and Derek are in Australia this year, I’m sure someone else will hack Mom’s Facebook and change her phone passcode.

How does your family celebrate Easter? Are there any holidays you put your own spin on?


2 Responses to “BazinEaster”

  1. 1 The Waiting April 3, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    I want to join your family.

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