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If you could eat one food for the rest of your life…

One Food

Cody, Cody, Cody. It totally works that way.


Wednesday Whale Love: Earrings!

I used to wear earrings like it was my job to wear earrings. I wouldn’t leave the house with out them. At one time I wore 4 earrings in each ear, sometimes they matched, usually they didn’t. In college I put very small gauges in the second wholes, rings in the higher holes, but left the first wholes for anything dangly and fun. I got into making my own and still have a giant (and heavy!) box of beads I don’t know what to do with.

These killer whales are certainly attention grabbing!


These would be good for a fancy dinner, where you want a subtle yet fun pair of earrings to complete an outfit.


This is probably my favorite pair. Unquestionably whales, and the latches backs make it so you won’t lose one by accident!


Happy Wednesday! Just think, if you’re counting then you are already halfway through the week!

New in the shop: Small Pencil Cases

Inspired by a custom order, I decided to add a third pencil case size to the shop: small!

Perfect for crafters, as they can hold a fair amount of crochet hooks.


And taggers, since they can comfortably hold 12 sharpie markers and still maintain their shape.


They’re great little bags to tidy up your purse, collecting all those things that get lost down on the bottom.


Great pencil cases for kids because they fit perfectly into little-kid hands ;)

To create them, I simply shaved down my pattern for the “Slim Pencil Case“(which can fit a full-sized unsharpened pencil!). I also decided to make multiples of some prints. I’ve focused on making One of a Kind bags for a couple of years now, I thought it was time to change it up a little bit.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

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From the Summer: Kerry, Mushroom Discoverer

I’ve always loved mushrooms, often describing them as “my favorite fungus.” There are so many sizes and shapes, they lead such a fragile existence, and they need just the right conditions to spore out and pop up. Which is fascinating! Now, I’m no mycologist; not even an amateur. My knowledge of mushrooms peaks off at: 1) The ones you buy at the store are ok to eat and 2) the red one with white spots are, unquestionably, the cutest. And although mycology seems super interesting and something I could really get into,  I think it would be more fun to approach this from a new angle.

The “Kerry, Mushroom Discoverer” angle. Where I pretend that no one has ever even heard of mushrooms before. That they are rare and only occur in the most fragile of eco-systems, and I have just discovered them. It is now up to me to name these rare, squishy specimens.

Yes. This is happening.

 Lil CutieThe Lil’ Cutie Shroom

Nilla WafferThe Nilla-Waffer Shroom

Ghost MushroomThe Ghost Shroom

Salted Lemon HeadThe Salted Lemon Head

Dirty PizzaThe Dirty Pizza Shroom

Smashed AppleThe Smashed Apple Shroom

Coral-shroomThe Coral Shroom

 I’ll share any new specimens I find in the spring/summer. I saw several “Old Donuts” but they were just so gross looking I didn’t snap any shots. Next time, my friends!

DIY Mourning Hat

I recently spent a week mourning the loss of both my fish. I dressed in black (which turned into wearing the same dress and sweater for 4 days because I wasn’t going out anyway and they weren’t really dirty), and I wanted a hat to complete the ensemble. A hat along these lines:


A Mourning Hat. A hat that said, “Make no mistake: I am sad.” And while I’m not about to buy a hat, I will make one.

– black felt
(I found this felt at Jo-Ann’s. I just checked the remnants bin- ALWAYS check the remnants bin- remnants are always half off!)
– black netting
(I found this at Jo-Ann’s too. I got two yards to be safe, but one would have been enough)
– paper, for making a pattern
– metallic sharpie for tracing
– scissors for cutting
– pins
– sewing machine

Let’s get started!

1) Make your pattern:

measurements 001

I traced a cereal bowl. Then I used circle math to determine how long to make the rim piece. I made it a little longer than necessary; I did’t want it to fall short. But I had 2 or more inches of extra fabric on the end so I guess that part didn’t matter so much. It ended up being a 2.5 inch by 21 inch piece of felt, and the cereal bowl had a 6.5 inch diameter.

2) Trace and cut your fabric:

photo 1 (2)

This is where the metallic sharpie comes in; you want to be able to SEE the lines you’re tracing! For the netting, I cut about 18 inches. I wanted to bunch it up and just have it rim the front part of the hat.

3) Get pinning:



Starting pinning those pieces together. Make sure to layer the netting between the top of the hat and the rim fabric, with the long part INSIDE the circle. This way, when you turn the hat right-side-out, the have the long part protruding from the hat and able to cover your face.

3b) Leave the last bit open so you can sew it up for a tight rim. I waited to do this until after I sewed the rest in place, so I could get in as close as possible. If you want, you can sew that part in the beginning, so there is no pause to finish. I’m not that confident, circles are hard for me, this just made it feel like I was going to get it right ahaha.


#) Sew around, making sure to leave the very ends open


4) Sew the open ends together, and then sew up the rest of the circle.



5) Optional: shape netting edges:



I trimmed up the edges on this hat because I didn’t like the choppy/blocky netting edge. On the second hat I made, I left the edges alone.

5) Place on head:


The first one (above) seemed much too high. I made a second one with only a 1.5 inch wide piece of rim felt:


I also used a longer piece of netting for the second one. I like how it came out and fits a lot better.

I used felt because I didn’t want to worry about hemming any raw edges. Also, it’s relatively inexpensive. I made both hats together for under $3! Can’t beat it.

Questions? Leave a comment or send me a message :) Happy crafting!

Wednesday Whale Love: Moana Matron Designs

I’m always on the look out for whales. I spend hours combing Etsy for sweet new finds (Because Etsy is the THE place for sweet finds). I was searching for an earring-themed WWL and came across Moana Matron Designs. Her sea themed shop is incredibly tempting, even if you aren’t searching just for whales! PLUS, some of her pieces have the option to make a donation to a wildlife fund- tied to the animal featured. My heart is melting.

Loving these Killer Whale earrings. I’m especially drawn to them because you get a front view and a back view of the whales and you don’t see that very often.


The detail on this Right Whale necklace is amazing. And with an optional donation to the WWF Right Whale campaign you really can’t go wrong.


I’m digging this clear Humpback Whale necklace. I think it might be my favorite piece in the shop. And, again, this has an optional donation for Whale-Rescue!


I’m always inspired by people who take something they love and merge it with a cause they believe in.

Happy Wednesday!

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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