Fixing holes in jeans- a DIY

My boyfriend (and actually a number of my guy friends) has all these jeans ripped right up the crotch that he won’t get rid of. “But these are the jeans I borrowed from a friend in college,” he’ll say. Or, “But I bought these when I went to Vegas.” Can’t you just buy new ones, I’ll ask. No, because they won’t be broken in. Or he can’t find them. Or they are super expensive. “I just don’t understand how so many pairs got this way,” I’ll say. Ninja kicks. “But they are like, really ripped,” I’ll point out. “Oh, I kept wearing them after they ripped and they got worse and worse,” he’ll say. I already mended one pair, but this pair, The Favorite Pair, were so bad they went into semi-retirement.

Let me walk through how I made these jeans publicly acceptable again.

– ripped jeans
– fusible interfacing
– scissors for trimming the interfacing
– matching thread (I used black, but they actually sell jean-colored thread)
– sewing machine
– iron and ironing board


Let’s get started!


1) Flip the jeans inside out and position the ripped area flat on the ironing board. Cut out a piece of interfacing that covers the rip and a bit of the surrounding area.


2) Iron that interfacing into place!


I went a little hard on the ironing and started to shred the interfacing… Try not to do this but, I mean, it’s not the end of the world. I wanted it to be properly fused!


3) Flip the jeans right side out again and get it under the needle. Run the jeans back and forth under the needle, for the length of the rip. You’re sewing that ripped material into the interfacing and stabilizing it. And because you picked a thread color that closely matched your jeans, it should blend in quite nicely. Run over the same small area again and again and again until the ripped and weak areas are darned up.


Like this!


I felt like every rip I mended led me to another rip, so now the inside of his pants look like a weird flower.



But the outside’s not bad. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect because no one is really going to see it.


And that’s it! Tedious but effective. Good luck mending!


2 Responses to “Fixing holes in jeans- a DIY”

  1. 1 Aaron February 19, 2015 at 10:52 am

    This looks super useful for me. My only problem is the supplies list, of which I have one of the items:
    – ripped jeans

    But the finished product looks great!

    • 2 TheTragicWhale February 23, 2015 at 10:55 am

      I can fix your jeans, Aaron! Next time we hang out bring them along, but DO NOT abandon them with me. I will keep them for months, just ask John :/

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