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From the Summer: Kerry, Mushroom Discoverer

I’ve always loved mushrooms, often describing them as “my favorite fungus.” There are so many sizes and shapes, they lead such a fragile existence, and they need just the right conditions to spore out and pop up. Which is fascinating! Now, I’m no mycologist; not even an amateur. My knowledge of mushrooms peaks off at: 1) The ones you buy at the store are ok to eat and 2) the red one with white spots are, unquestionably, the cutest. And although mycology seems super interesting and something I could really get into,  I think it would be more fun to approach this from a new angle.

The “Kerry, Mushroom Discoverer” angle. Where I pretend that no one has ever even heard of mushrooms before. That they are rare and only occur in the most fragile of eco-systems, and I have just discovered them. It is now up to me to name these rare, squishy specimens.

Yes. This is happening.

 Lil CutieThe Lil’ Cutie Shroom

Nilla WafferThe Nilla-Waffer Shroom

Ghost MushroomThe Ghost Shroom

Salted Lemon HeadThe Salted Lemon Head

Dirty PizzaThe Dirty Pizza Shroom

Smashed AppleThe Smashed Apple Shroom

Coral-shroomThe Coral Shroom

 I’ll share any new specimens I find in the spring/summer. I saw several “Old Donuts” but they were just so gross looking I didn’t snap any shots. Next time, my friends!


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