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Hood Museum of Art

Last week, I visited the Hood Museum of Art with a friend. We sort of came upon it by accident- we were wandering around Hanover when he remembered there was a museum around… somewhere. After several failed attempts of entering academic buildings and walking around aimlessly, we saw the sign; away from the street, out of the way, under a bridge. They hide it. They hide the museum.

Some of the pieces were under glass, a few had “do not touch” signs, but no where did it say you couldn’t take pictures. “Amazing!” I thought, as I pulled out my phone (flash off) and started capturing anything that looked neat. I should also confess that I touched a BUNCH of stuff that didn’t have a “do not touch” sign. Because I’m that person.

photo 4Relief from Northwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud (I did not touch this)

photo 2Spirit figure

photo 1 (4)Sewing awl with bone guard

photo 3 (1)The First Thaw

photo 1 (1)Mr. Hulings’ Rack Picture. This one fooled me. I thought it was a letter collection on a board. Nope! It’s a panting!

photo 3 (2)Picasso!

photo 3Mihrab Panel, about 1604 (I touched this)

photo 1 (2)Circa 500 BC

photo 2 (3)Vase circa 504 BC

photo 4 (3)Fishing-Net Needles or Shuttles, circa 100 AD

As I was clicking away at these ancient fishing-net needles, the little man from the front desk appeared beside me. “Uhm, please, no, you cannot do that in here,” he said.
“Oh gosh, sorry! I had no idea!” I said, and stuffed my phone back in my pocket. I wasn’t even pretending, I thought I could take pictures. The best part was when he pretended not to stalk me for the rest of our visit.

After we left, my friend said it’s an understood thing that you aren’t supposed to take pictures in a museum. And then, then I see this!


Encouraging the public to take pictures IN the museum. Real cool, Hood Museum. Real cool.


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