From the Summer

Over the summer, a couple of my favorite Massachusetts citizens made the trek to The Green Mountain State to spend the day with me! One of the best parts about my friendship with Mallory and Mike is that we could be doing next to nothing and we’d still be laughing and having a great time. While they were up, we decided to hit the Path of Life Sculpture Garden.

The Path of Life Sculpture Garden can best be described as a walk-around series of art installations. The perfect, hands on fun for earthy Mallory! We got lost in the maze, picked our favorite giant heads, meditated, pondered the despair of the Tree of Wisdom, and rolled down a couple of hills.

photo (1)Meditating… ish.

photo (2)Pretending to be attacked by sharks

photo (3)My favorite face! It looks so kind.

imageContemplating the Tree of Wisdom.

Mallory, the master of log-rolling.

I, however, am not so graceful… And I WISH we had a video of it, but you’ll have to settle for this picture series instead.



03This is when I realized I was in trouble.


05I desperately tried to right myself…

06But only made it worse.



And then, because Mallory was laughing so hard, she dropped her phone.

Winter is not my friend. My bones ache in the cold, my hands dry out and crack, and I never seem to be able to get enough layers on. I can hardly wait for the warm weather to come back, to wear shorts and dresses or even a t-shirt and not feel like I’m sentencing myself to a slow, cold death. Summer adventures! I’m ready for you!


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