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Pictures from home

Here are some pictures from a recent visit with my parents in Massachusetts! Because, why not?

photo 1 (1)Chicken fingers and green bean fries via Chef Patty! Don’t worry, I didn’t arrange my plate this way. My Mom did. After I started eating. She literally touched everything.

photo 3Book store turned liquor store turned Wiens and More. And not a single hot dog in the place :/

photo 2 (3)Apparently this is was the only wine my Great Gramma would drink AKA it’s the wine of my Mom’s childhood. Nostalgia told us to get it!

photo 5Panda was not impressed.

photo 2Snooze fest 2015

photo 5 (1)I played makeup model for that spitfire in the back

photo 2 (1)Going through a pile of old pictures and cards with my Gram. My brother was the clip-art card BOSS.

photo 1 (2)And here he is!

The fun part was helping her figure out who was who from the picture pile while my Dad tried to hook up my old DVD player for her. Someone gave the poor woman a DVD for Christmas, and with her new TV she can’t even play the VCR anymore. I don’t know if he couldn’t get it to work or just decided it was going to be WAY too complicated for her, but she will (still) not be watching DVDs at home.


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