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2014 in Review

I set 9 simple goals for myself for 2014. Let’s see how I did, shall we?

1) Eat an apple.
 I ate 4 apples! It helped that we went apple picking in the fall, because 3 1/2 apples came straight from the orchard. And, naturally, 1/2 (that’s two apple packs) came from Happy Meals! Never again though, I found out you can substitute the apples for extra fries. And I LOVE fries.

2) Read 12 books.
– Fail. I read 4 full books, and started several more. I just didn’t finish them.

3) Expand shop inventory.
– I didn’t stock a single new item I set out to. No wallets, cross body bags, or adventure bags (I did create an adventure bag and tested it for most of the year, but some parts didn’t hold up as well as I would have liked. So, good thing I did such thorough testing…?) However, I started making 4 different sizes of makeup bags and tried to keep each section stocked.

4) Stop saying yes to every project.
– No joke, not 3 days after posting this last year I got a project request. But I tried. I learned that if you say no to someone, even politely and honestly (I’m so sorry but I just moved to another state and am trying to get settled into my new place and new job and I just do not have the time right now to take on a whole new project), it’s very likely that they will stop talking to you. Not even answer you back again, via Etsy messages, email, and Facebook. So, uhm, yeah. I couldn’t do it. I spent too much time in 2013 running myself down and I took much better care of myself in 2014. Win.

5) Write more.
– Fail. C’mon. I haven’t even blogged in months.

6) Fabric intervention on myself.
– I actually did pretty good at this. Trying to work through the giant stash that I have has allowed me to really take stock of what I have available to me in my home, and think of new ways to use that fabric.

7) Become more independent by moving out of my parents’ very comfortable basement.
– Success! I moved 200 miles away to an adorable little apartment in an adorable little town in rural (but not too rural) Vermont! 3500-ish people, downtown is within walking distance of my apartment, the super nice lady at the post office (Nancy) knows me by name, I don’t have to lock my door (But I do lock my door. C’mon. I was raised to be suspicious. Of everyone. Always. That door gets locked.) I miss my basement room sometimes but at least now I have an apartment to spread my apartment-sized collection of things around in, so it’s not quit as cramped or cluttered. 

8) Sleep more.
– I don’t always get a full night sleep, but I certainly get a more adequate amount than I was getting a year ago.

9) Do not allow the world to crush me.
– I fought back in 2014. And I have enough fight for 2015, too.

How was your 2014? Did you do at least some of the things you wanted to? I hope so!


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