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In January, my District Manager (I call her Robin) asked f I could alter her Shelf Elf so it had bendy arms that stay bendy. And the deadline is December! Because 1) I explained how I should always have a deadline and 2) she doesn’t need it back until December. Excellent!

shelfelf 3 (1)

I gave it velcro hands and magnets so it can do fun things!

shelfelf2 (1)

To make it bendy, I cut little slices in the top of the arms and legs and inserted pipe cleaners. I bent over the edges with pliers to make sure nothing sharp would poke out. I stitched the openings back up with red thread and you can barely even tell there was a hole.

shelfelf 4 (1)

Next up we have a pink whale for Robin’s daughter.

whale 3 (1)

 I wanted it to be special, so I gave it eyelashes. The other side doesn’t look quite as nice…

whale 2 (1)

And of course the whale needed a card. Duh.

whale card (1)

Man, Robin. I hope you realize how much I like you. My friends won’t get whales this timely when they have babies.

And because there is an ant problem in my office…

caution ants 3 (1)

I got this idea from a picture on Tumblr. We have ants just about everywhere. On the floor in the kitchen, on the counters in the kitchen, on the table in the kitchen, in the microwave in the kitchen, on the floor in the bathroom, in some of the cabinets around the office. Sometimes we spray them or wash them down the drain. Mostly they just enjoy a crumb feast. Anyway, I’m going to put these where ever the ants are, so everyone knows not to step on them. Since we seem to care to much about feeding them.

These little signs are only about 2.5 inches tall and were super fun  to make. I’ll share my template / directions in a later post.

What have you been working on lately?


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