Jake and Kerry: A picture book.

Today, we celebrate the birth of one of my very best friends: Jake! We met in college and while we didn’t quite hit it off right away, the friendship we have today is equal only to the bond I have with my family. As a college graduation gift, I made him a picture book of some of our adventures together.

We worked as Resident Assistants (RAs) together our senior year, and were fortunate enough to have a close, family-like staff. I made this in 2010 and I don’t think it had any captions, but I’ll add some in now. And, go!

Jake and Kerry 1Title page.

Jake and Kerry 3We used to go on a lot of adventures together.

Jake and Kerry 4For some reason it was a good idea for us to have sleeveless sweatshirts. But it was cold so we had to wear hoods. College, right?

jake and kerry 5Every week we would meet with our boss, Danielle. We love her (still!) but we used to really love messing with her. She especially didn’t like when we played the “look at Danielle and Laugh” texting game.

Jake and Kerry 6We both enjoy a good fire.

Jake and Kerry 7We worked overnight shifts at the front desk of our building. They were usually one-person shifts but sometimes we would keep each other company. 

Jake and Kerry 8For Halloween that year, Jake and Jimmy dressed up as Teletubbies, I was Liz Lemon, and Lauren was Marilyn Monroe! Everyone had to work on Halloween because we went to school in Salem, MA, and Halloween is HUGE there. We tried to make the best of it. (Jake is the one with a beard.)

Happy Birthday, Jake! I hope it’s a great one :)


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