Funny situations starring Panda!

Considering my parents got a new grill in November, this is long overdue.


I had the perfect opportunity to stick Panda in the new grill this past weekend while my parents were away on a cruise.  I wanted to shut him in but I couldn’t figure out how to take that shelf out. He got lucky.


As revenge, Panda decided to make up his own game. I call it “Spot the Panda in the Clean Laundry,” where he stretches his grubby, smelly little body out over my clean clothes.


He knows he’s been caught. You can see it in his eyes. And yet? He did not move.

By Sunday, I was non-stop Snap Chatting photos and videos of him. Exclusively.

But just look at that tongue! He did that for almost 20 minutes!

Oh, Panda. Who will I hang out with / stash in weird places when you retire to the pet grave? The fish..?

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