Recent projects.

I was on vacation last week, so I thought I would use some of my bonus free time to get some lurking projects off my list.

A couple of months ago, this lady who works with my mom asked if I could make a bag for her. Then she invited me to her house (which I was SUPER NOT COMFORTABLE WITH) to go over the specs. I didn’t realize she wanted me to attempt to replicate an existing bag until after I got there.

bags03(original bag)

Nor did I realize that it wasn’t 1 bag she wanted. But 5 bags. She gave me quite a bit of moth-nibbled fabric to work with and asked how long it should take. I promised her just a prototype by the next weekend, because this was Holiday time and I already had a handful of other Holiday-related project to work through, but she said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. Just get to them whenever.” I think you can see where this is going….

bags01(pile of bags)

Well, I got them ALL to her this week. Folded and tucked into the original bag, with all the excess fabric, secured tightly in a large plastic bag. Which I dropped off on her front door. Because angry people make me nervous.

And thus, I’m on official Special-Project Hiatus.  If it’s not already in the shop, I simply cannot do it. I’m trying to juggle too many big things right now and I can’t have another “whenever you can get to it,” turn into “IF WE COULD MEET AND RETURN MY FABRIC AND OLD BAG THAT WOULD BE GREAT.” (Would you want to meet with someone after they sent you an all-caps email?  I can’t blame me.)

bags02(Bags in bag)

The Adventure Bag Prototype is here! It’s actually a little wider than I envisioned, and the strap is wayyyy too floppy. But these are kinks I can work out after I’m sure I don’t destroy it in a week.


Has lots of pockets inside, for all your adventuring needs! But does it have enough pockets? Maybe I could have an Adventure Bag and a Deluxe Adventure Bag?


And I wanted to restock the shop a little bit.  I have all these bags hanging around in various stages of production so I finished some off.

photo 5(newly finished bags featured with craft mess)

I still have a whale to make, an Elf on the Shelf to alter, and the infamous T-Shirt Blanket to take care of, but I’m getting there!

2 Responses to “Recent projects.”

  1. 1 Jay March 10, 2014 at 10:51 pm

    That Adventure Bag looks so cool! And I wouldn’t do any special projects after that either. It sounds like way more trouble than it’s worth.

    • 2 TheTragicWhale March 11, 2014 at 9:56 pm

      Sometimes they can be fun, but I just need to get it together before diving into anything special for a while.

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