This weekend on Netflix…

I don’t watch a lot of regular television. I don’t watch the news. I don’t watch the weather. I get my current event updates from Facebook. What I DO watch is Netflix. And what do I watch primarily? Documentaries!

I have to be real with you. I love, love, LOVE learning! Plus there’s never a plot you have to keep up with or characters you have to keep track of in a documentary, so it’s excellent for crafternoon background noise.  I spend most weekends holed up in my room, pattern tracing, fabric cutting, machine sewing, and with program after program playing on the computer screen in front of me.

This might be boring for you (the recap was certainly boring for my parents, as was made  abundantly clear last night at dinner) but it’s my blog, about me, and I don’t care.  BAHAHA. Sorry if that was mean.

National Geographic: World’s Most Dangerous Drug– Who knew meth was so popular? The creators of Breaking Bad, that’s who.

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust– Charlie Chaplain is hilarious. And it was interesting to see how Hollywood’s depiction of the Holocaust has changed over time, what they show and how they show it.

I Am– I’m 100% about searching for my place in the world and trying to find myself. So if you like that sort of thing, DROP YOUR LIFE AND WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW. I was glued to the screen. No crafting took place during this. I felt like just watching it had a freeing affect.

Nova: Bombing Hitler’s Dams– Uhm, I thought this was going to be all about how they bombed Hitler’s Dams. But instead they lost most of the footage and all of the designs and records after the War so this was REALLY about taking the idea to bounce cylindrical bombs at the dams and figuring out how to do that. From scratch.

Big as Life: Obesity in America– Why don’t they make a show called “Skinny People in America?” Where skinny people struggle to put weight on and hate their bodies and get accosted in public and sometimes have trouble finding clothes that fit? Oh, yeah. Because of the gross double standard where skinny people are automatically healthy and heavy people are automatically unhealthy.

The Canal Street Madam– So because the court made this lady “retire” from running a brothel she now sells homemade candles from her home. And if she likes you she will have sex with you. Because she just really likes to have sex. Also, the candles are $300.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Story– Every gal needs a roll model and E.R. is DEFINITELY one of mine. And she didn’t even come into her own until she was, like, in her 30s!

Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska– They brought in a specialist to read people’s facial language to see if they were telling the truth or not.

And I started watching Deadly Women. It starts at Season 2. I really like crime shows but watching one just about women is kind of weird. They spend a lot of time talking about how these acts go against the nature of women. Hey! Guess what! Not everyone is a great person!

And while I soaked all of that in, I worked on some bags for this woman who sort of works with my Mom. But more on that project later :)

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