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Another Tragic Whale Giveaway!

This week, The Tragic Whale has teamed up with Emily from EmilyThomasWrites for a giveaway!

Pop on over, check her out, and maybe enter to win!

Ends Friday!


WWL- reverse want list..?

These are things I either already have or will have soon. Things that you should want too.

I don’t want this stamp. Because I ordered it last week and it’s on its way to my house and heart!


When I threw myself that birthday party a couple years ago, my good friends Megan and J got me a whale cutting board. It’s so beautiful I haven’t used it yet (also I don’t have my own kitchen, so also that’s a good reason not to use a kitchen thing). Every kitchen should have one!


This! I don’t know if I’ve Wednesday Whale Loved this in the past, but my brother definitely got one for me exactly like it. I have finished straps on it, my camera, round cutting thing, and sometimes thread on it. It’s the perfect addition to my small work space.


Sometimes it’s hard to find whale things since owls are SO BIG right now. Ugh, OWLS. Ruining everything. (Just kidding, I love those creepy little buggers). Rest assured! If you have a whale fix to fill, I’m your gal.

Upcoming Events

These next couple of weekends will be full of crafty wonderment for me / The Tragic Whale. I was at the Quashnet School annual craft fair last weekend, I’ll be at Coonamessett Farm tomorrow, and in Vermont the weekend after that! I’m really excited for a couple of reasons.

1) I’m much more confident in myself and my work than I was last year at this time.

2) It’s easier for me to engage people walking by my table and tell them about how I make my bags.

3) I don’t bring EVERYTHING I have. I bring a selection of different sized, shaped, and priced bags. This allows me to keep my shop open online, and gives me other things to talk about with people. If someone says, “I like this makeup bag but I would love a smaller one,” I’m able to say, “I have several other sizes, ¬†including an extra small bag, a blah blah blah.”

I’ve added an “Events” page to keep anyone interested up to date!

Tomorrow I’ll be at Coonamessett Farm in E. Falmouth which means I’ll be sharing pictures via Instargram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, so get ready! My doctor suggested I look into it, and I’m excited because there will be a lot of local crafters there, and most of the shows I’ve done have been a jumble of crafts and people who just sell things. ¬†Like this guy and his wife we call “Dog Socks,” because most of the fairs we did last year we saw them and they sell socks with dogs on them.

11 am to 3 pm, rain or shine! If you’re in the Cape Cod area you should totally come check it out!

Wednesday Whale Love

My cousin, Michelle, shared this really clever idea with me via Pinterest. I’m dreaming of the dinner parties I can center around these adorable little cheese whales!


This shirt is too cute. Whales in Love? With a sunset background? On a shirt? Yes, please!


All I can say about this tape is WANT. It would be the perfect addition to all the orders I send out!


Hope everyone’s had a great week so far! I’m off to finish up a mini-pouch invasion in the shop ;)

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