My mom joins the Tweeter community.

Pbaz really likes Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t know if it’s because she heard about his beef with Kanye or if she saw Jimmy’s show about it, but she woke up last Saturday with the overwhelming need to sign up for tweeter (also known as Twitter) and follow Jimmy Kimmel. And because technology is hard and no other children were home, I got to help.

After re-downloading the app (turns out she had it before) and realizing she already had a tweeter account (which is logical, knowing now that she had the app before), we weren’t able to follow Jimmy Kimmel. Because we were already following Jimmy Kimmel. We ran into the same problem with Sarah Silverman. The only two people Pbaz has any interest in following on her new tweeter account are the only two people she was already following on her pre-existing tweeter account.

So we’re following Sarah Silverman and we come across this tweet, which we LOVE. Hilarious. We laughed and laughed and showed all two people in the house.


We love it so much, we’re inspired to send our very first tweet ever.


Which was immediately followed by this:


The culprit. So convincing, right? No joke, had me fooled initially.


Tweeter is just too confusing. How do you talk to people? How do you see if they liked your post? I think I’m getting off this thing. I don’t get it.

But Joey and I follow Pbaz. No recent activity still leaves hilarious hope for the future.


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