Good things!

Today was a great day! I know I already mentioned it on Facebook but I’m working with Emily from The Waiting for a Giveaway today! You can win your pick of your three favorite items from my shop! I’m especially excited because this is my first Giveaway. And I like to wrap things.

I took advantage of my sunny lunch with the cloth backdrop I worked on last night.


Now I have to decide if I want to change the background of all my shop listings to white (kind of boring), or maybe mount a piece of wood on that thing. I’m really thrilled because as long as I keep the backdrop and my tripod in my car, I’ll be ready for a photo shoot when ever the sun is.

And finally, we got to listen to my Mom’s new favorite song during dinner.

She just heard it for the first time today and, in true Bazinet fashion, she will listen to it on repeat until she hates it.

2 Responses to “Good things!”

  1. 1 Jay September 11, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    G does the same thing with songs he likes. Luckily he latches on to about six at a time and listens to them on repeat until he’s tired of them so it’s not quite so repetitive.

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