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“I have an Indian staying with me!”

One of the many posts that make me glad I’m friends with my mom on facebook.



Might vs Mite.

A quick grammar lesson!

Might” is strength/ability or the expression of a possibility. Such as

1) The monster used all of his might to lift the house and throw it into the ocean.

In this example, might expresses how strong the monster is. Strong enough to lift a house.


2) I might eat pizza for lunch tomorrow.

Example two hasn’t happened yet. It could happen, but it’s also possible it won’t happen. And so we use “might.”

While a “Mite” looks like this:

Similar to “eats shoots and leaves” vs “eats, shoots, and leaves,” confusing might with mite can leave you saying one thing when you mean another. So be careful out there!

Blogging 0, other stuff 1.

Instead of blogging, I’ve been sewing up a storm. Making little clutches for my friend’s wedding, working on some new pouch designs, rolling around in piles of fabric. You know, normal sewing things. Sometimes my brain can only handle one thing at a time and for now I’m ok with a one-track sewtastic mind.

I know, I know. You don’t care about what I’m making. You’re like, “But hasn’t your Mom said anything funny lately?” and, “Did anyone do anything crazy at work?” Yes to both those things.

In fact, my mom split her toe open over the weekend. Then she AND MY DAD (c’mon, Dad!) sent out some alert texts. Aka graphic pictures of the damage. It looked kind of like this:

mom's toe 001

Please note the squareness of the foot and the amount of red sharpie. She’s using duct tape to make band aids.

I’m probably going to take a break from Wednesday Whale Love for a bit, allow this sewing tunnel vision to play out, and then see what happens. Does project tunnel vision happen to anyone else?


Hey! Instead of a bunch of whales, today I’m sharing 15% off everything in The Tragic Whale shop!

Just use coupon code WHALELOVE at check out.

Whale Love 2

Happy Wednesday! Hope the rest of your week sails by :)

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