Photo an hour: blizzard status.

8 am, Assessed the snow situation. Nothing new on the ground yet.

8 am

9 am, Did some Valentines Day craft related shopping.

9 am

10 am, Hunted down a sleeping Panda.

10 am

11 am, Executive decision to rock my glasses today. Sometimes my eyes just need a break from contacts.

11 am

12 pm, Target trip with Mal. We found giant frogs!

12 pm

1 pm, Booze World trip with Mal. So many wines to choose from!

01 pm

2 pm, Snow assessment. It doesnt look like much, but there is also a big tree just out of view that blocks a lot of things from falling on the ground. Excpt pine needles, it helps with falling pine needles.

2 pm

3 pm, Conned Panda into wearing his rain slicker so he would match Dad!

3 pm

4 pm, Sewing and watching Netflix, and staying nice and toasty!

4 pm

5 pm, Checking out the news with my Dad. Yikes!

5 pm

6 pm, Grilled cheese and soup for dinner! We had to eat early because the lights were flickering and we didn’t want to be midway through cooking and have to abandon ship.

6 pm

Imma peace out. I’m afraid we’re going to lose power and I need to make sure I have all my flashlights on hand and with fresh batteries. Stay warm and safe in this crazy storm!

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