Weekend projects

This past weekend I ticked off some projects from my long “to do” list! I finished lining a baby seat cover for my friend’s mom:

baby seat

(She asked for this in July… Sorry it took so long, Hannah!)

Made a coin purse for my mom:


She’s got a couple friends at work who have been asking for them, and decided she wants one too! I coated it in scotch guard, which I’ve never used before I think I might start using regularly.

A little dino for an old friend:

photo 3

I’ve made these before, but for some reason it took me 3 tries to get this little guy right. His eyes kept coming out lopsided or falling out. It was weird.

Some wallets for my brother:

photo 4

I added wallets to my list in October. To make these, I used a pattern I found online. But I think they came out a little tight so I’m going to spend some time tweaking it before any show up in the shop.

Happy crafting!

2 Responses to “Weekend projects”

  1. 1 rarasaur February 8, 2013 at 2:30 am

    A dinosaur!!! An AWESOME dinosaur! I’m impressed! :D That coin purse is also lovely… you’re very talented!

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