WWA: Bacon & Chicken wraps

I found this recipe on Pinterest and knew I had to try it because it combines (basically) the only meats I eat: chicken and bacon!

photo (8)

– 4 chicken breasts, cut into thirds (we bought the trimmed and cut pieces which come with about 12 pieces in the package, because I’m lazy and didn’t want to cut it up, aha)
– 1 package of bacon
– garlic powder
– chili powder
– paprika
– brown sugar
– salt and pepper
– cooking spray


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and lightly spray an oven-safe dish with the cooking spray. Set aside.

We started by rinsing and tenderizing the meat.

photo (7)

While Ryan worked the chicken, I made two bowls of spice mixes. They both had garlic powder, salt, and pepper, but one had chili powder and the other had paprika (because I’m not a huge fan of spicy things). I didn’t measure, I just sort of kept adding stuff until it looked like there would be enough to cover the chicken.

photo (6)

We covered both sides of the chicken in seasonings:

photo (5)

Folded the pieces in half and wrapped them in bacon:

photo (4)

Rolled them in brown sugar and placed them in a the oven-safe dish.

photo (3)

We cooked them for about 35 minutes. I was afraid the chicken would dry out but I also wanted the bacon to get crispy. During cooking, we periodically removed some of the bacon grease, and we turned the chicken wraps about half way through.

photo (1)

And here we go!


Ryan is all about presentation (see above), while I just threw a few on a plate and picked them apart (not pictured) aha.

The chicken did get a little drier than we would have liked, but it was still delicious! Next time we’re going to use thicker pieces of  meat.

Diary of a Recipe Addict has a ton of other great recipes, so if you’re looking for something new to try you should definitely check it out!


2 Responses to “WWA: Bacon & Chicken wraps”

  1. 1 Anonymous January 19, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Should roll the chicken around some herbed cream cheese with chopped jalapeno peppers. That should take care of your dry chicken issue and add some more kaboom.

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