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Adventures in fabric lightening.

For some of the new bags I’ve been working on I need two different fabrics. I use complimenting colors or complimenting prints, but I have a couple of prints that are harder to match and so I said, “Hey, why don’t I just lighten the fabric up a bit. Then I’ll have the same print in a slightly lighter shade and they’ll compliment beautifully!”

Obviously my habit of over-simplifying situations lead me to believe that this was 1) the perfect solution, 2)  super easy, and 3) going to work out exactly as I expected. Yeah.

I chose some prints and then Googled directions because I didn’t know what a good water to bleach ratio might be.

Google said to use 4 parts water, 1 part bleach. Soak for ten minutes, then rinse in cold water and wash in a machine.

So naturally I did 12 parts water, 2 parts bleach, and completely forgot about my project for 4 hours.

The bleach had almost no effect on the purple swirl and fish fabrics! The blue scissors turned gray and look weird together, and the elephant print was clearly the only bleach-sensitive one of the bunch.

So that didn’t really work out. I might try again with that elephant print except follow directions better and keep a better eye on it, aha.

Have you had any failed craft experiments lately?


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