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Library cards project

Last year for Christmas, my brother Joey got me this amazing personal library kit (per my request):

It only came with 20 cards and sleeves, so instead of putting cards in all my books…

I just put cards in the books and movies that I lent out so I could keep track of them. But I knew the day would come when I would run out. I knew I didn’t want to pay for a refill kit. And I knew it probably wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR Christmas or my birthday.

So I did what I normally do when I have a problem: solve that sonofbitch like a boss and made my own.

They have three parts.  1. The back part, where I can fill in when the book/movie is returned (so I think this part is supposed to be the due date, but I haven’t ever used it for that. This isn’t a city library! Just return it eventually). 2. The front of the sleeve with my name plastered on it and 3. The card itself, where I can fill in the title/author, who borrowed it, and when. The only thing I’m missing is two-sided tape, but I’ll probably grab that later today.

Now every book can have a card! I know, I know. Dream come true.

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