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Denny’s adventure, part 2


Foxwoods trip: the Denny’s adventure.

I didn’t know how to draw the 5 of us sitting in a booth.

Also, my brother is a vegetarian and always subs out the meat in a sampler for more cheese. Always.



Foxwoods trip, part 1

Wednesday Whale Love :)

My friend Kevin shared this really neat bottle opener with me:

This trinket box would look great on one of my bookshelves!

And if I had a house, I would want to have these right by the front door so all my guests could hand their coats and bags!

Kerry’s car game!

That’s right, I have my own, very elaborate car game! And because my parents, brothers and I are taking a mini vacation together, I decided it was time to add the amendments and print out some new score cards.

I try to include specific instructions for each piece of the game, and you’re probably already familiar with some parts of it. I keep a clip board loaded with score cards in my car at all times :)

Wednesday whale love!

I normally don’t eat sandwiches because I don’t like how it feels when I get bread stuck to the roof of my mouth (a common occurrence), but if I did I would totally get this sandwich cutter:

This crayon holder is super cute and super practical. It’s like 2 toys in one!

And these adorable little patches:


Gotye + Call Me Maybe + Mom = confusion.

I posted this video on my Facebook because I really like the song (and then spent the next half hour/ 45 minutes hunting for a download). And my Mom, upon seeing it, came all the way down stairs to discuss it with me. That’s a long trip for her, and I actually thought something was wrong.

“Kerry, I just watched that video. So what happens, if she pushed that button then the police were going to come for her?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well because at first I thought she called the police, but then I saw the box and I thought it had to do with that button!”

“Uhm, yes? I really don’t know.”

“Ok but THEN I thought, well why couldn’t they push the button? What do you think it all means?”

“I didn’t really watch the video. I just like the song.”


“What’s wrong?”

“I thought it was deeper than that.”

I kind of feel bad that it wasn’t  deeper than that.

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