Another book project diy

My Gram has a massive collection of Reader’s Digest books. Massive. And over the past few years she’s been trying to unload them. I have no interest in them because the stories are almost always abridged and about horses. But she knows I like to read so a lot of them end up with me.

The last time she sent me home with a box I slowly deposited them into the trash because there were so many and I had no idea what to do with them. That was a couple of years ago. She gave me 3 more on Sunday. I don’t want to waste them; they’re nice solid books. So I did some brain storming.

Then I said, why don’t I try that Kindle case idea again but make it better!

You will need:

– a thick-ish hardcover book
– mod podge
– paint brush
– razor blade
– time
– wax paper
– painter’s tape
– rubber band

Let’s get started!

You want to start by mod podging the back cover and last page together.

Now you’ll want to wrap the front cover in wax paper and secure it in place with painter’s tape. The wax paper will protect the cover from adhering to the pages when you mod podge them together.

Secure the book closed with the elastic and paint a thin layer of mod podge along the page edges. Wait until it dries and add another layer on top of that.

When the book is dry, carefully pop open the cover. If it sticks, you can actually just open the wax paper like a gift and then peel it from the mod podged pages.

I scraped off the extra mod podge with my razor.

Mark on the front page where you want your indentation to be.

And cut it out! Since this book had sections, I cut to the beginning of the fourth and left that picture page. Also, my razor wasn’t long enough to go any farther aha.

Paint the interior with mod podge too, to secure any fly-away paper bits. I coated the inside edges as well as the picture page.

Let it dry!

And that’s it! You now have a clever new hiding place!

I know that I saw this mod podge method on the internet SOMEWHERE but I can’t remember where. And it’s so much easier than gluing each page together individually!

I gave this book to my friend, Kevin. He’s preparing for a zombie apocalypse and I thought it would be a good place to hide supplies. He put bullets in it.

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