Mini dry erase board DIY

I love dry erase markers and I use them all the time. In college I figured out that if I left notes for myself on my mirror I was 100% more likely to get things done, and it was a fun way for my roommates and I to leave notes for each other. A mirror is basically a dry erase board that you can also fix your hair in, so… WIN WIN!

Anyway, that’s how I got the idea for this project. The mini dry erase board! Perfect to sit on a desk or shelf, compact enough not to clutter your work space, and still super fun and cute!

Look, it’s my mom with green hair!

You will need:

– picture frame
– self-adhesive velcro
– dry erase marker
– paper
– a computer

Let’s get started!

First you’ll want to find out what size picture frame you’ve got. The one I used was 4×6 inches. Now, use your computer to draw up a 4×6 inch template!

This is where you can get creative. Think about how you want your dry erase board to function. I made a stick figure and a do-to list for mine, but I saved the template so I can make different ones later. I think a good gift idea would be to put a friend’s face in the middle of the page, and then doodle them into a sea monster, ahahahhaha.

You could also just use a blank piece of paper. If you are boring.

Print out your pages and cut them out! You can use scissors or a paper cutter. It doesn’t matter because the edges will be hidden behind the frame :)

Put one of your pages into the frame and close it up. Then get your velcro and stick one side to the marker and one side to the frame.

You could skip this part, but this way you’ll always have a marker handy!

Get your creative on! This is me when I have a day off:

This is me when I start a project after work and get in the zone. I work though dinner and 6 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I realize it’s 2 am and I have work the next day and flip a shit. This is what I look like:

Hahaha. That’s exactly what I look like. But with more thread in my hair.

Happy crafting!


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