Harvesting inspiration!

Inspiration strikes me all the time, but not when I’m well equipped to jot it down. And I’m absent minded, so I may be obsessed with some new purse idea all afternoon but as soon as I get in my car and leave work? Lost. The idea is gone for weeks.  I try to keep track of ideas as best as possible; here are some methods I use vs how effective they are.

– Work notebook:

The worst. Things go in and never come out.

– Planner:

Ok if I remember to take the pages out and hang them by my desk.

– Notes in my cell:

I’m good about checking them at least once a day so I’m more likely to get stuff going.

– Sticky notes on my desk top:

Pretty sweet. I make mini to do lists and knock them down.

– Email text messages to myself:

Most effective. I emailed this! And got a hand cramp texting it all ahaha

2 Responses to “Harvesting inspiration!”

  1. 1 Jay June 6, 2012 at 12:20 am

    I am all about the desktop sticky notes! Sometimes G reads them and asks what they mean. They only make sense to me. It’s like i have my own secret code :)

    • 2 TheTragicWhale June 6, 2012 at 12:21 am

      That’s how I was with taking notes in school, I sort of ended up developing my own shorthand. I felt bad any time someone asked to copy my notes because they couldn’t read them aha

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