Photo an hour, my brother’s graduation

Yesterday my brother Joey graduated from Framingham State University! And we (me, Mom, Dad, our younger brother Bob) all went up to watch and celebrate!

8:30: Signing cards! I couldn’t find just the right card, so I got two. Yeah, that’s a birthday card.

9:30: Laying out my outfit.

10:30: Nachos, breakfast of champions!

11:30: While walking Panda before we left I spotted some bumble bees!

12:30: Driving up to Framingham I noticed a big scratch on my brother’s leg.
Me: “Bob, how’d you get that cut on your leg?”
Bob: “I was sad.”
Bob: “No, but seriously, I fell.”

1:30: The graduation ceremony finally started with a bag pipe procession.  Almost everyone stood to listen and try to see (which was impossible because EVERYONE was standing). We were ready for it to end.

2:30: Sharing some of my snacks with Bob.

3:30: After the graduation we all went to check out Joey’s new apartment! My Mom found several reasons why it was “under code.”

4:30: Dinner at Uno’s! The waitress brought free dessert :)

Nap happened. We lost a lot of time.

7:30: After the graduation I headed out to watch Game of Thrones with my friends Kevin and Claire.

8:30: I love this little donkey by their door. And he has a sign because Claire graduates this year, too!

1 Response to “Photo an hour, my brother’s graduation”

  1. 1 Patty Bazinet May 22, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    I got some chuckles–thanks!

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