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A year of Cadbury eggs!

When I was an RA I tried to keep a stocked bowl of candy in my room so that residents/ friends always had something to munch on. Actually, even before that I tried to keep candy in my room at school. Freshman year we had a whole drawer full right by the door!

The point is, I like having a jar of candy at my disposal because, let’s face it, I eat most of it. I still keep a jar in my room but because it’s so far away from my desk I don’t eat quite as much of it (well, it just takes longer to get through, unless my brothers are home because they kill it. Mostly the candy is for them, aha).

Last week I decided to clean out my jar and fill it with Cadbury eggs. They’re 75% off right now so that’s smart spending. And because chocolate basically lasts forever as long as you don’t melt or freeze it they can last me though next Easter!!! (If you think that’s gross think about this: in order to produce enough eggs for the Easter demand, Cadbury eggs are made YEAR ROUND and horded until the holiday hits.) I’ll have a year of Cadbury eggs!

Beautiful, huh?

I have a few extra to stuff in there when the supply depletes :)


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