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How-to write a cover letter

It’s spring, and a lot of people are graduating from college soon and need jobs. Yikes!

Actually, if you need a job for when you graduate in a month you probably should have started applying at the beginning of March so… get on that!

“But Kerry!” you might be thinking. “I can fill up a resume no problem but I get hung up on cover letters!”

Well, me too. It’s hard for me to say nice things about myself and be SERIOUS about it! I can prance around all day saying, “I’m awesome!” or, “I’m hirarious!” or, “I’m a riot!” but I say it with a smirk or a twinkle in my eye so that people know I’m joking. Patty raised a litter of humble kids, gosh darn it! And I generally try to stay true to my roots.

BUT NOT ON COVER LETTERS! Unless you’re 24 and like living with your parents (ahahahhahah, that’s me).

STEP ONE: Why you want the job!

I want this baking job because I love cookies. I want to work at PetCo because I love washing puppies.

STEP TWO: Why you’re good for it!

You’ve been baking for 12 years and have a slew of tried and true recipes to bring to the table? You volunteer at an animal shelter over the summer and love puppies?

STEP THREE: Examples of how awesome you already are!

You won the “Best Cookie” award at last year’s Peach Festival? You once rescued 12 puppies from a burning building and made front page of the local newspaper? These are the things you want to share.

STEP FOUR: Conclusion!

Make it snappy, these people have hundreds of applications to read.

All my love,
(pick a different valediction than this one)


(Special thanks to DMo on this one!)

Remember to write a new cover letter for each job you apply for! You may be able to get away with a standard resume but if you tell the bakery about how much you love puppies they are going to get confused and ignore you.

Good luck out there!


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