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Back at the beginning of December(ish), WordPress announced that it was going to launch WordAds which is their own advertizing thing. This was right after I thought we might move to Blogger so we’d have the option for advertizing on the blog.  And around the time when I thought maybe, just MAYBE, I could start the process of running my own business and quitting my day job! Anyway, when I first saw the announcements for WordAds, I signed up immediately.

Then I waited.

I got this emailed, and waited some more.

I figured WordPress was super busy trying to figure out how this was going to work, and it would take a long time to hear back. Like, 2 months. Tops.

Then I figured they didn’t want me because, although I try not to swear or say offensive things, I did say, “Who wants to eat in tiny little portions? Not an American, that’s for damn sure!” in a post. I know its isn’t the worst, but it wasn’t one of my proudest moments. Even though I laughed while typing it and again just now when I had to hunt it down and paste it in here. Ahaha.

Then I forgot completely.

Until a few days ago when this email came!

But I’d already given WordAds up for dead. Moved on and decided that I didn’t need advertizing. I’m not going to leave me job (probably ever. I’ll probably die there), and my blog and etsy are just hobbies.

Also, to activate, you have to link to PayPal and give your social security number for tax purposes and stuff.

And right now I don’t make enough on etsy to HAVE to claim it on my taxes. Which brings me to the most important part, will this make doing taxes hard?!

When I asked, WordPress said I had some time to think about it.

The results are in, and I talked to a couple of other people, and it looks like we’re going to give WordAds a try!


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