New sewing machine & I’m the worst.

Last week, my parents took a bus trip to Atlantic City and I got to hang out with Panda. Fine by me, we’re basically BFFs anyway. Then I got sick so we mostly just stayed in bed. And at night we turned all the lights on in the house so no one would know that we were alone.

Until Wednesday night. A girl from “Verizon” knocked on the door. 6:30 at night. Really,Verizon? You send scouts, on foot, down a dead end street, in the dark? This is either stupid or suspicions. I went with suspicious. Verizon or thief scout?!

“Hi,” she said, trying to look innocent. “I’m from Verizon,” and with that she pointed to the logo on her light jacket. “I’m here to check up on your Fios.”

“We don’t have Fios.”

“Oh?” she said. “Well, I’m sure you’ve seen the fliers. Or your friends have it.”

“Yeah, I’m not in charge of the cable here. You’d want to talk to my parents about that.” I started to close the door over.

“Are they home?”

“No.” Still shutting the door.

“Will they be home later?” Later? Later?! How late was she planning to walk the streets?

“No.” And with that, I quickly shut the door and locked it. Loudly. In trying to ditch this chick, I accidentally told her that we were alone! I looked out the window but couldn’t see where she went or a car. I called my dad. Apparently Verizon has put young girls in danger like this before, and my dad told me not to call the police. You got off easy this time, “Verizon.”

Thursday I stayed home sick again, except my mom was home so I figured I didn’t have to worry about anyone trying to break in. Then she went shopping so Panda and I wrapped up in a blanket and camped out in my room.

Maybe an hour after my mom left, I heard knocking on the door again. I panicked. “Verizon” was back, hoping we’d be at work and this would be an easy job! I decided I just wouldn’t answer the door anymore, and stayed down in the basement.

After a bit, I crept to the other side of our downstairs just in time to see a familiar white van pull out of our driveway.

A very familiar white van.

My Aunt’s white van.

My Aunt was bringing me a sewing machine that belonged to my Gramma. She thought I’d like to have it because she’s been reading my blog and sees how much I love sewing!

My Aunt did an incredibly sweet and nice thing for me and I was too afraid to even see who was at the door! And she lives hours away! I’m the worst!

This is incredibly embarrassing for me. Because I was rude and because it’s unhealthy to be so afraid.

Auntie Jana, thank you so much for this sewing machine! I can’t wait to figure out how to use it! And again, I’m so, so sorry!


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