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Tutti_Frutti Handbags & Eco Dog

Several months ago, I started giving sewing lessons to my cousin, Heather. Lucky for me, she’s a quick learner and our sewing lessons quickly turned into sewing hang outs!

Soon after our first session (or “sewing sesh,” as we like to call them) she launched Tutti_Frutti Handbags, which is an awesome collection of her projects!

And now she’s working on Eco Dog, a line of stylish clutches designed to make curbing your dog more fashionable :)

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of cleaning up after a dog. So I don’t bring Panda places where I would be expected to do that. We’ll go on car rides and stay in the car, or go for walks in the woods where he can do his business where ever he likes.

That being said, I love these bags! They’re adorable and have a key ring attached for hand sanitizer.

They’re now on Pinterest so check ’em out and re-pin if you like them :)

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