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Travel sewing kit DIY

Recently at work, a co-worker asked if I had a safety pin she could use because, “you’re Kerry and you always have everything. So I figured you would have one.”

I didn’t have one! And I realized I also didn’t have an emergency sewing kit, which would CONTAIN safety pins. I looked around, but I really couldn’t find one that was compact enough and still had everything I might need. The obvious solution is to make my own, so here we go!

What you’ll need (adjust to personal preference):

– thread in varying colors
– adhesive velcro dots
– assorted needles
– a few straight pins
– sew-on snaps
– a threader
– tooth pick, for sewing on buttons
– assorted buttons
– assorted safety pins
– measuring tape
– seam ripper
– scissors
– a place to put it all! I’m using a zipper wallet that looks like candy buttons.

You’ll want to wrap some thread around an embroidery floss holder. I used 5 arm lengths. Enough so you won’t have to replace it after one use, but not too much that it’s super bulky.

For the measuring tape, I cut a foot off of an extra one. It can easily be folded in half and tucked into the wallet.

Finding tiny scissors can be a problem. If you can’t jack a pair from another sewing kit, try your local craft store. I got this collapsible pair at Wal-Mart years ago. I think they were 88 cents and they’re awesome!

Once you’ve prepped your materials, start adding them to the kit! Needles and straight pins can be pushed through the front card slot:

Buttons and safety pins can go in the coin pouch:

Other things can be tucked behind the needles. I folded the velcro dots over on themselves, and then separated the tops from the bottoms with the metal snaps. It drives me crazy when they get stuck together!

I tucked the measuring tape, thread, and scissors into the bill fold. The seam ripper can sit on top. Once you zip it shut, it’s not going anywhere :)

Then zip it up and go!

Everything you’ll need in a compact little kit :)

Hello, I’m Kerry! Maker. Sewist. Fan of all things bright.

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