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places I find Panda

Sometimes I find Panda in strange places or doing strange things around the house. I wish I knew what he was thinking.

Here he is hanging out under my desk. He likes to sit under there when I’m working. And when I’m not home.

I don’t know if you can tell, but he’s hugging the pillow here. Shortly after I snapped this he fell asleep. He looked like a little kid clinging to a beloved toy. Or a beloved pillow, aha.

I think he likes to sit on top of this chair because he can 1) see out the window and 2) it gets a lot of sunlight and is warm.

But one time he fell off backwards and hurt his back. He couldn’t move for several days so we try to keep him off of the chair back.

He’ll sit in the doorway of my brother’s room and stare at a corner of the ceiling. He’ll sit on the shower mat while someone’s in the tub. Sometimes he hides under the foot stool with only his nose sticking out!

What sorts of funny things do your pets do?

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