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chocolate whales!

If we recall, my Reddit secret Santa got me whale shaped chocolate molds for Christmas! And I wanted to use them IMMEDIATELY but didn’t really have a reason to. We don’t eat a lot of sweets in my house so I knew if I made a bunch of chocolates they would just sort of sit around until someone tossed them.

Oh, but then I was invited to a new years party and VOILA! Reason for chocolate whales.

Challenge One: My friend can’t eat diary (like, any dairy at all. And it’s in EVERYTHING! Whey, milk fat, milk powder, etc.) so I had to find dairy free chocolate. This took a long time.

Found it!

Challenge Two: Don’t make a great big mess in the kitchen. That was solved with newspaper.

Challenge Three: Don’t eat all the chocolate. This was hard because I love chocolate and this dairy free stuff is really delicious. It’s like eating a truffle, in bar form.

After that it was easy! Melt the chocolate in little squeeze bottles (I had to mark them because I was also making chocolate mustaches for a party my mom was going to. And obviously I used regular chocolate for that.)

Squeeze in that chocolate!

Edible craft projects was the best of both worlds.

And then pack up and party. Look at how cute this thing is?! Weird smile but still beautiful.


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